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Friday, February 2, 2007

Le petit déjeuner

Bonjour, mes amis!

I am very happy with the Tall One this morning. While she was having her breakfast and I was sitting on top of my cage, she gave me some of the bread that I really like, the kind that has little seeds baked in it. Of course, she gave me my favorite part, the end piece that consists mostly of the crust. I don't like bread that is too soft, but this kind is just right. Yum! I chirped happily while I was eating. The day is off to a good start!


T-man said...

Mom gives CC-man bread every morning too for his breakfast. It's got millet baked into it (is that the same type you get?). He loves it, and it keeps him quiet for a few minutes, so we love it too!

When Mom says the word "bread", CC-man chirps. He knows that it means something good :)


J. L. LeMone said...

I don't chirp when I hear the word; I wait until I actually see the bread! I don't think the bread the Tall One gives me is the same thing CC-man gets; it has no millet in it, but other seeds. She goes to a place she calls "The Store" and buys it for all of us; she gives the crust to Miss Prissy and me and eats the rest herself. That's why I trust that it's safe to eat; if both the Tall One and Miss Prissy eat it without any ill effects, I know it won't hurt me. Turns out, it tastes very good!