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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Time with the Tall One

The Tall One is staying home today. Now, that's not really surprising, since it's the sixth day. She usually leaves really early for five days in a row, but the following two days, she does not. On those days, it's hard to tell what she is going to do; sometimes she leaves later, sometimes she stays home, and sometimes the Cool One comes over. Then she starts all over with the five days of leaving early. I don't know why she follows such a strange pattern instead of just staying home with Miss Prissy and me, but she does many silly things, and I try not to wonder too much about them. At least I have some idea what she is going to do on most days.

Today is different, though, because I can tell the Tall One is not feeling well. She sounds funny when she talks, and she sneezes quite a bit. She gets that way sometimes. To be honest, I don't mind it, because I know that she'll stay home with us for sure. I'm a very healthy bird, and I've never been sick in my life, but I know how Miss Prissy acts right before the pink things appear, and I remember that one time when Miss Prissy kept losing her feathers and growing new ones for two months, so I can tell when others are not feeling well. The Tall One does not always know what she is doing, but she really likes me, and so I don't like it when she is sick. I want her to be happy.

I think Miss Prissy was thinking the same thing. She flew off to land on the Tall One's shoulders, and I followed, landing on her head. I preened her hair for a while, and then I climbed down on her shoulder and preened her neck, and I think she felt better, because she called us "pretty birds" and petted Miss Prissy. (She knows better than to try and touch me; I want to make her feel better, but that does not mean that she can pet me!)

I had to wait until she got tired and went back to the long soft thing in the other room where she likes to sleep before I could finally get to the computer and give you this long-awaited update. Those humans sure are funny. Every self-respecting bird sleeps standing up or, at the very least, sitting in a nest, but the humans actually stretch out horizontally as if they were dead. The first few times the Tall One did that, I panicked and started screaming, and I still do that sometimes when I see her doing that, even though I know now that she'll get up and be just fine, but it just does not look right. Well, if it helps her feel better to sleep that way for a while, I'll try not to make too much noise. You never can tell, though; if I feel like chirping, I will do it, and the Tall One will just have to wait until I'm done.

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