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Sunday, February 25, 2007

She's Not a Duck - Or Is She?

Bonjour, mes amis!

There comes a time when even an extremely intelligent and resourceful cockatiel like moi needs some advice, and that time is now. You know about my beautiful companion Miss Prissy. As gorgeous as she is, she also has some strange habits. Most of them are harmless, like looking dreamily into space as if she were seeing angels, or being startled easily.

However, lately she has taken to a very strange behavior that I can't quite understand. She likes to sleep while sitting on the water dish, with her feet in the water! She's not a duck! I'm worried about her possibly getting sick. Not to mention that our drinking water doesn't exactly taste better that way! The Tall One was not very happy when she saw Miss Prissy acting that way, and I have a feeling that she is thinking about taking our water dish away overnight. What if I get thirsty?

My faithful human, cockatiel, and canine readers, has anyone experienced this with a tiel before? If yes, what should I do? Please post your experiences, ideas, or advice under comments!


J. L. LeMone


zandperl said...

Found you via an LJ community.

My 'tiels haven't done this, but a number of people use water bottles like they have for gerbils so they don't have to worry about things falling into the water, or their birds putting things in the water. It still needs to have the water changed daily, and some birds learn how to shove seeds/pellets into the nozzle, but it could be better.

Shawna said...

Mr. Judah, my own cockatiel overlord, tends to sleep in his pellet dish, with his little tielfeet nested into his pellets. It leaves him with a rather nice smell, but I've never seen him do it with his water!

T-man said...

My mom says that CC-man has never done that, or Birdie, her former lady tiel. Maybe the cockatiel chat people on UpatSix would know what she's doing that for.


J. L. LeMone said...

Thank you guys for your input! The Tall One has resorted to taking the water dish away overnight when we're asleep, and putting it right back in the cage in the morning. I thought it was a bad idea, but honestly, I don't miss it, because I don't drink water when I'm asleep anyway, and at least Miss Prissy keeps her feet out of my dish!