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Monday, February 5, 2007

One Tiel or Two?

One Tiel...

Now that you've decided to get a tiel, you are probably wondering whether it's best to get just one cockatiel or two. People say that one cockatiel may bond very well to one person, whereas two cockatiels usually bond to each other, leaving the human somewhat left out. On the other hand, cockatiels like company, and if their humans are gone all day, they will be lonely.

Personally, I enthusiastically endorse the idea of getting two tiels. I liked being with the Tall One alright, but she does not have feathers and is gone most of the day. Once Miss Prissy moved in, I was much happier. We share the same cage, preen each other, and we even bond with the Tall One together. As a matter of fact, I spend more time with our human now, because Miss Prissy adores her and likes to sit on her head or shoulders, and of course I go where Miss Prissy goes. The Tall One and I have gotten along much better since my feathered friend moved in. I was lucky, though; Miss Prissy is very easygoing, and we liked each other right away. If that had not been the case, the Tall One might have had to put us in separate cages, so it really depends on how well the two tiels get along.

These, of course, are my own experiences. Here are some articles about the topic that will give you some more information:

Double the Trouble or Double the Fun? Keeping Birds in Twos. By Winged Wisdon Pet Bird Magazine, June 1998.

An Only Bird Is a Lonely Bird. By R.R. Holster/PetStation

Should I Get a Second Cockatiel? By Mary Beth Voelker, National Cockatiel Society, 1998.

... or Two?


T-man said...

Uh-oh, your story has gotten my mom thinking about buying another birdie!! She's worried that CC-man may be lonely by himself all day long. She leaves the radio on for him, and puts him in a sunny room, but is afraid he's bored & lonely.

If she would quit that silly job, then we could all be together all day long. Maybe you can talk to her about that!


J. L. LeMone said...

Oh, CC-man would love a winged companion. The Tall One was really hesitant to get me one, because she was afraid I would attack the new bird, and she thought we would bond even less, but luckily, the Cool One talked some sense into her.

Once Miss Prissy moved in, I actually got much nicer. I didn't mind sharing my cage with such a beautiful creature at all, and I was nicer to the Tall One, too. The Tall One liked the arrangement a lot, because Miss Prissy just adores her and even lets her pet her.

I agree, your mom should quit that job, just like my human. I don't understand why being away from us could possibly more interesting or fun than being with us.

J. L. LeMone