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Saturday, February 10, 2007

A Cool, Cool Visit

The Cool One came over last night, and completely unexpected! The silly Tall One had been gone all day at her place called work, and it was getting dark, when suddenly, she came home, and the Cool One was there, too! He whistled at me right away and took me out of the cage. Now, usually I bite everyone who tries to hold me, but the Cool One is an exception. We understand each other, and besides, he saved my life. So of course I was thrilled that he came to play with me. He even held me upside down! I love looking at the world from a bat's perspective! Here are the pictures!

I feel like I'm in a bird's nest! How comfy!

I like it when he's wearing a shirt with one of those toys called zipper!

Ready, set...

... chew!


CC-man said...

Oh, wow you're brave! I never like when people hold me like that. I don't like fingers on my bod! Your Cool One must be really special and you must trust him a lot. The only time people do that to me is when I'm at the vet, or getting my wings or nails clipped. Then I scream like crazy!!


J. L. LeMone said...

Oh, I'm sure you'd like the Cool One, too. I think he's really a cockatiel in human form. I wouldn't trust anyone else, either.