If your bird seems sick, take him or her to an avian vet immediately! Check your local phone book or Vet Lookup, AAV, Avian Vet.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

A Dreary Day


I did not get a chance to post anything yesterday, mes amis. It was a dreary day, with cloudy skies and some rain, and I don't like rain. Neither does Miss Prissy. Even though we're nice and dry in the apartment, we cockatiels still don't like it when it's overcast. We like sunshine, and lots of it! On overcast days, Miss Prissy and I just sleep on our perches until the sun comes back on. The same is true for the Tall One, except that I can't imagine a perch big enough for her, so she sleeps on her couch. She did not sleep all day, of course, since she has to watch over us, but the times that she was awake, she was on the computer or carried some clothes back and forth.

The human clothing ritual is very interesting to watch, even though it does not make much sense. Since the poor things don't have feathers, they have to put on fabric of different colors to compensate. They change the colors often, which is very confusing to me. Luckily, I only have one human, but how do they tell each other apart when they get together? Anyway, one of the strange rituals humans follow is to carry clothes around. My human puts her clothes into a big basket and carries them out the door. Where she takes them, I don't know, but it can't be far, because she always comes back right away, but with an empty basket. After a while, she leaves again with her basket and brings the clothes back. She then folds them carefully in a certain pattern. I can only guess that this is a human preening ritual; since they don't have feathers to preen, they preen their clothes. I've tried to preen her clothes before, but I've given up, because they are too big for me. It would take me all day for just one item. Maybe there are some giant birds nearby with huge beaks that preen the humans' clothes for them. I don't want to find out, though; they might mistake me for their dinner!

Anyway, in the evening we all finally perked up. The Tall One made the light come on, and since we had snoozed all day, we had a lot of energy. I, for one, wanted to work on my blog, but the Tall One kept hogging the computer. I may have mentioned that patience is not my strong side; anyway, for a second I forgot all about the fact that my blog is a secret and the Tall One cannot find out about it. I flew from the cage to the top of the computer screen, which is about the same width as a comfortable perch, and glared at the Tall One to give me a turn. Luckily, she did not understand what I wanted, and thought I was coming for some quality time. She put her finger in front of me, and I stepped on it. She talked to me real nicely; I think it made her happy that I came to see her, so I forgot all about her hogging the computer, and I was glad she appreciated my presence like a well-trained human should.

When she tried to pet me, I flew off, but a few minutes later, both Miss Prissy and I landed on her. I even let the Tall One pet me for a little while without biting her. Then, I preened her arm for a while, and then I preened Miss Prissy while we were both sitting on the Tall One's arm. I was in such a good mood, I started serenading Miss Prissy. Like I said, I could have been an opera singer. Since Miss Prissy does not know the difference between a train whistle and a song, the beauty of my performance was lost on her, but the Tall One enjoyed it.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Sad News

I just found out that my friends T-Man and CC-Man lost their grandpa (their human's dad). If you have been visiting their blog, you know that he has been having some health issues lately, and it is sad to hear that he passed away. I know T-Man especially is sad, because he visited his grandpa a lot, even in the hospital and the nursing home, and of course, his human must be very upset. If you would like to read T-Man's post and leave a message under "Comments", I'm sure it would make my friends feel a little better.

T-Man and CC-Man, I am sorry for your loss! Please pass my condolences on to your Mom as well.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Doctors and Vets

If I did not live in a relatively small cage in a tiny apartment, I would think the Tall One is some kind of millionaire or celebity. She has different doctors for almost every part of her body! She goes to one doctor when she is coughing or has a cold, to another one for her sprained ankle, and today she even went to a special doctor just for her teeth!

The last one I absolutely can't understand. I don't even know why she has teeth in the first place. Miss Prissy and I get along just fine without them. Anyway, the Tall One went to her tooth doctor today, and she said some of her teeth needed fillings and had to be drilled on. Now, why does a tooth need to be filled? Is it hollow? The Tall One says the tooth doctor is nice, but she came home during lunch time with half of her face numb. She looked funny. She couldn't even smile or blink right!

At least she had enough common sense to stay home this afternoon and not go to that place she calls work. Everybody there would have laughed at her. To make her feel better, Miss Prissy sat on her shoulder and I preened her hair while sitting on her head. Then, the Tall One put us back into the cage and went to sleep.

Once I was sure she was fast asleep, I got out of the cage and onto the computer. We birds only need one type of doctor, but a special kind called an avian veterinarian. Other vets may not have studied birds, but avian vets do. Birds need to go to the avian vet at the slightest sign of trouble. That's because we birds are so resilient that we hide our illnesses very well, so by the time our humans finally notice, things are usually getting serious.

I found some information for you on finding avian veterinarians:

Why and How to Find an Avian Vet

Why Your Bird Needs an Avian Veterinarian, How To Find One, and How To Tell If You REALLY Have One....

Find a Local Avian Veterinarian

Finding an Avian Vet

Avian Vet Lists and Search Engines

AAV: Find Your Local Veterinarian

AAV: Active Veterinarian Members

ParrotParrot: Avian Vet

Parrot Connections: Avian Veterinarians

Birds n Ways: Avian Vets and Veterinarian Services

Toolady: Avian Vets in the UK

Vetafarm: Australian Avian Vets

If you have any other good links, please post them under Comments!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Where Did You Put My Computer, Human?

One of the annoying things I have to deal with is my human's sporadic clean-up sprees. I'm not sure if she folded up the computer and simply put it away somewhere, if she had it repaired, or if she took it to the place she calls work, but either way, I could not find it, no matter how hard I looked. Usually, she is very careless and leaves it sitting on my desk, ready for me to blog away, but this time, all that was left was some birdseed and papers. I was not happy at all. I love my computer, and I enjoy surfing the web!

Finally, the computer was back in its place today, and she even left it running, so all I had to do was log into Blogger so that I could finally post the update I am sure you have been eagerly awaiting. My question is: How do I keep my human from putting the computer away again? I heard her telling the Cool One that she is planning to go on a trip soon. I'm not sure when or where, and honestly, I don't really care, because it means the Cool One will be coming over every day for a long time to play with me and give us food, and of course, I prefer his company to hers. The thing that worries me is that she might take her computer with her or clean house and put it somewhere so the place looks organized. I'm not sure what to do to prevent that. What I really need is a tiel-sized computer in my cage, but I've searched the web and found nothing. We cockatiels are shamelessly neglected when it comes to fulfilling our computer needs!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Snoozing

The weekend started very nicely. The Tall One is staying home so far, which is very good. She let us out, and Miss Prissy flew onto her head right away. The Tall One knows to get Miss Prissy down from there immediately and put her on her shoulder so that the landing space is clear for me. While Miss Prissy preened the Tall One, I climbed down to the other shoulder. I did some preening, too, because the Tall One definitely needs it. Then, Miss Prissy settled in on the Tall One's arm and I climbed on the other shoulder, and we both fell asleep. I love to have a little snooze!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Let Us Out!

Miss Prissy and I tried to get the idea across to the Tall One that we wanted to get out. It took a while, but finally she relented. What she does not realize is that, if we had pushed the door just a little harder, we could have gotten out without her help. But like I said, I want to keep that a secret...

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Nymphensittich-Informationen für meine deutschsprachigen Freundinnen und Freunde, Teil 2

Cockatiel Information for my German-Speaking Friends, Part 2.

Guten Tag! Ich habe neulich eine ganze Liste von deutschsprachigen Webseiten über Nymphensittiche bereitgestellt. Im Falle, daß Sie sie verpaßt haben, ist hier noch einmal der Link: http://tielweekly.blogspot.com/2007/03/nymphensittich-informationen-fr-meine.html

Ich habe außerdem viele Foren für Vögel im allgemeinen und Nymphensittiche im besonderen gefunden. Hier sind sie:

Nymphensittich-Forum. Ein Forum mit den Themen Einsteiger, Vorstellung deiner Nymphensittiche, Ernährung, Lebensraum, Krankheiten, Foto-Wettbewerbe, Tierische Hilfe, und mehr.

Nymphensittich-Foren. Hier findet man Foren zu den Themen Haltung (Anfänger, Voliere, Beschäftugung/Bastelforum, Ernährung), Verhalten, Hilfe (Krankheiten, Zugeflogen/Entflogen, Abgabe/Suche), Foto-Ecke, Zum Andenken (an verstorbene Tiere), Benutzerlandkarte und Fotowettbewerb.

Das Nymphensittich-Lexikon: NL Forum Ein Forum mit den Themen Haltung, Verhalten, Anfänger, Krankheiten, Hilfeecke, Regenbogenbrücke, Küken, Kleinanzeigen, Fotogalerie und mehr!

Mein Nymphensittich-Forum. Ein Forum vom TierNetzWerk mit den folgenden Themen: Behausung, Nahrung, Grünzeug, Futterzusatz, Gesundheit, Aufzucht, Farbschlag, Partnerschaft, Spielzeug, Kleinanzeigen, CaféLounge, Stammtisch, TeenagerCafé, und mehr.

Sittich-Foren. Hier findet man Foren für verschiedene Sittich-Arten, z. B. Nymphensittich, Wellensittich, Laufsittich und Plattschweifsittich, sowie für andere Vogelarten, z. B. Papageien, Kanarienvögel, und Finken. Sogar Hühner, Tauben, Wildvögel, Fasanen, und anderes Gefieder sind hier willkommen. Außerdem gibt es allgemeine Foren zu den Themen Ernährung, Medizin, Zubehör, Tier-, Natur- und Artenschutz, Haustiere, und Vogelvermittlung.

Vogelforen. Ein riesengroßes Forum mit allen denkbaren Themen zur Vogelhaltung.

Viel Spaß!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

A Knock on the Door

Except for one light, the apartment was dark, and Miss Prissy and I were snoozing in our cage. The Tall One slept in her bed. After a busy day full of eating, chewing, and preening, I like my rest, so I was not happy when there was a knock on the door just a little while after we had all settled in for the night. I opened my eyes, and I saw flashing lights outside. I wondered if we would have to evacuate the apartment, and I think the Tall One had the same idea, because she looked at our cage as she walked to the door. Obviously, she was already worried about getting us out. She has her shortcomings, but at least she has her priorities straight.

She did not open the door, which was very smart, of course, because you never know who might be out there. When she asked who was there, a man's voice answered: "Police!" Of course, I wondered what she might have done to get into trouble. The problem with humans is that they are very hard to supervise. I wondered if jails take bird seed in lieu of bail money, but luckily, it turned out that she had not done anything wrong. He said that he was there because they got a call that she had breathing problems, which sounded very silly to me. My human's breathing is just fine, thank you very much, and when she's sick, I send her to the doctor. I take good care of my human, there is no reason to call the police.

Then he asked: "Do you mind if we come in?" Luckily, my human has been watching more detective shows than is good for her, and she knows that without a warrant, nobody is allowed to come into our apartment and disturb our sleep. She would not let anybody in, and she asked who called. The guy said it was her daughter, and she told him she did not have one. It was very annoying, because he did not seem to believe her. Don't you think she would know the members of her family? Neither he nor the Tall One sounded very happy, and I wondered why he did not go away and let us go back to sleep. He read off the address he had been given, and it matched ours. Then he said that fire and rescue were there. At that point, I began to fluff up my feathers and stretch my wings, just in case I would have an audience. The Tall One seemed to think along the same lines, because she started grabbing the things she calls clothes.

Suddenly, the guy's tone of voice changed, and he became all friendly. He said that the dispatcher had just gotten another call that said our address was the wrong one. See, he should have listened to the Tall One right away, it would have saved him some time! He apologized for waking us up, which, of course, was the right thing to do after all that trouble. Then he finally left. I think he and the rescue people finally went to the right place and helped the human with the breathing problems; hopefully, they got there on time. The lights flashed quite a while longer and then went away. Miss Prissy, the Tall One, and I went back to sleep. I hope we don't get interrupted again!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Getting to the Food, Fireman Style

The Tall One filled up our food dish while we were on top of the cage. As soon as she had put it back into our cage, Miss Prissy and I slid down the cage bars like firefighters to get to it quickly! Guess who won the race...

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Looking for a Good Book

I was bored, so I decided to look for a good book in the Tall One's bookshelf. The next question, of course, is: Should I read it, or should I shred it?

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Information des calopsittes pour mes amis francophones, II

Cockatiel Information for My French-speaking Friends

Ici sont des forums francophones pour les amis des calopsittes:
Here are some forums in French for cockatiel friends:

Forum de callopsitte.free.fr Discussions générales, alimentation, reproduction, mutations, santé, photos / vidéos / sons, bricolage, petites annonces, etc.

Le monde passionnant de la perruche calopsitte. L'aquisition, les urgences, le comportement, l'alimentation, habitat, les mutations, elevage, naissances, gags, vente, recherche, photos, videos, sondages, autres animaux, et chat.

Perruches.net. "Forum d'entraide pour éleveurs et passionnés."

Le Forum de Nos Volières. Volières, questions générales, maladies, photos, etc.

Ornithopassion Un forum général des oiseaux.

Friday, March 9, 2007

Birds Who Bite Badly Trained Humans

A lot of times, the Tall One wonders why she gets bit. I never bite the Cool One, because he understands me, but I can't say the same about the Tall One. Generally, I bite her when she gets too close to me, Miss Prissy, or my cage. Miss Prissy thinks that gently nipping is biting, but believe me, I know how to inflict some damage. I've drawn blood more than once.

Most people look at us cockatiels and think we are cute and cuddly, and they don't know how intelligent we are. Simply put, we need to have things our own way, and a badly trained human needs to be disciplined when he or she does not do what we want.

Here are some links for my human readers to better understand what they need to do to keep from getting bit.

Cockatiels and Biting

Why Does My Bird Bite?

Once Bitten...Twice Shy.

Ouch!! Bird Bites.

Success With a Biting Pet Bird.

Thursday, March 8, 2007

My Blog Buddies: T-Man and CC-Man

Ever since I have been blogging, I have met some wonderful birds, dogs, and humans around the world. It's nice to be able to exchange thoughts with other people. Two of my internet friends are T-Man the Poodle and CC-Man the Cockatiel who live in a far away place called Chicago. Here are some of their pictures:
T-Man is the black fluffy thing CC-Man is walking around on. Here is a better picture of him:

If you have been reading my blog faithfully, as you should, you probably remember that CC-Man was sick a little while ago, and I'm happy to report that he's much better. To read more about my furry and feathered friends, go to the link under "Blog Buddies" to T-Man's Precious Poodle blog. T-Man posts a lot of pictures not only of himself, but also of CC-Man the Cockatiel. I have to write all my own posts, but CC-Man has a secretary!

My favorite blog post so far is a series of pictures that show CC-Man first eating out of his seed dish, and then throwing it. Here is the link. Enjoy!

Monday, March 5, 2007


I'm finally in a much better mood! The Tall One brought home some of that yummy bread and gave us a large slice. I chirped happily and started eating, and pretty soon, Miss Prissy joined in. It didn't take long for us to make it disappear!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

I'm Cranky! Get Out of My Way!

I am the king of the cage! The pictures show you what will happen if you come too close!

Nymphensittich-Informationen für meine deutschsprachigen Freundinnen und Freunde, Teil 1

Cockatiel Information for my German-Speaking Friends, Part 1.


Cockatiels / Nymphensittiche.
Remember the Happy Cockatiel music link I introduced in a previous post? This is the homepage of the composer and artist, Stephan of Hochheim, Germay. On this bilingual (English-German) page, Billy the Happy Cockatiel introduces us to his world, and you can download some more tiel tunes.
Die zweisprachige (englisch-deutsche) Seite von Stephan aus Hochheim, der die Happy Cockatiel Musik aufgenommen hat. Hier stellt Billy der fröhliche Nymphensittich seine Welt vor, und man kann sich Nymphensittich-Musik herunterladen.

Vogelgalerie: Nymphensittich. Eine sehr kurze Einführung mit Bildern.

Haltung von Heimtieren: Nymphensittich Eine Seite der Stadt Wien mit einer kurzen Übersicht über Herkunft und Lebensweise, physiologische Daten, Geschlechtsdifferenzierung, Haltung als Heimtier, Unterbringung und Käfigeinrichtung, Klima, Fütterung, Umgang und Pflege.

Das Nymphensittich-Bilderbuch. Eine sehr ausführliche und gut gegliederte Seite mit vielen Bildern. Die Themen Anfängerfragen, Behausung, Nahrung, Grünzeug, Zusatzfutter, Gesundheit, Anatomie, Aufzucht, Farbschlag, Spielzeug, Steckbrief und Pflanzen sind in spezifische Unterthemen gegliedert. Außerdem gibt es Links zu Chat und einem Forum sowie anderen Bilderbüchern der Tier- und Pflanzenwelt.

Die Nympensittich-Seite. Dies ist eine sehr gut angelegte Seite mit vielen Informationen, u.a. eine Einführung, die auch das Leben der Nymphensittiche in Australien beschreibt, Bedürfnisse, Anschaffung, Haltung (mit Informationen über Innen- und Außenvolieren), Ernährung (sehr ausfühlich und gut gegliedert), Futterpflanzen, Verhalten, Verhaltensstörungen, Vertrauen, Clickertraining, Brut, Krankheiten und Notfall. Es gibt auch Videos, Audiodateien, PDF-Dokumente, Webematerial und Wallpaper zum Herunterladen, sowie Buchempfehlungen.

Nymphensittichzucht. Eine sehr informative Seite eines schweizer Züchters. Unter "Der Nymphensittich" findet sich ein Diagramm, das die Körperteile eines Nymphensittichs benennt. Außerdem gibt es Informationen über die Zucht, Haltung, Pflege, Fütterung, Ernährung. Unter "Was der Vogel nicht braucht" sind unnötige Produkte beschrieben.

Nymphensittich-Wegweiser Eine sehr detaillierte, informative Seite mit den folgenden Themen: Kennenlernen (Vorüberlegungen, Anschaffung, Schwarmhaltung, Eingewöhnung, Verhalten, Hahn oder Henne, Farbschläge, ungewollte Eier), Lebensraum, Ernährung, und Vermittlungshilfe.

Carmens Nymphensittich Infoseite. Eine schön angelegte, informative persönliche Webseite mit vielen Bildern. Die Themen sind: Vor dem Kauf, Steckbrief, Kauf, Haltung/Pflege, Futter, Gefahren, Krankheiten, Photos, und eine Bastelecke, wo man lernen kann, wie man Kletterbäume, Schaukeln und Kletterketten bastelt.

Nymphies Online. Diese persönliche Webseite hat Informationen über Nymphensittiche, unter anderem Anatomie, vor und nach dem Kauf, Haltung, Ernährung, Krankheiten, und ein Nymphensittich A bis Z. Es gibt außerdem Bauanleitungen für Volieren, einen Vogelbaum und einen Vogelspielplatz. Steffi beschreibt außerdem ihre eigenen Nymphensittiche im Detail. Besonders interessant sind die Bilder unter "Tony färbt sich um" und "Sammys Verwandlung", die zeigen, wie sich das Gefieder eines jungen Nymphensittichs allmählich umfärbt.

Das Nymphensittich-Lexikon. Eine sehr unterhaltsame Seite, mit Informationen, Fotoalben, Videos, Sounds und Spielen. Außerdem gibt es Nymphensittich-Screensaver und Wallpaper zum Herunterladen, Nymphensittich-Comics, Wettbewerbe, ein Kreuzworträtsel, ein Memory-Spiel, Puzzles, und ein Flipper-Foto-Spiel.

Sittich-Info. Diese Seite hat allgemeine Informationen über die Haltung von Sittichen, z.B. Nymphensittichen, Wellensittichen, Arasittichen u. a. Die Themen beinhalten ein Arten-Lexikon, Wissenswertes, Haltung, Ernährung, Medizin, Zucht, Sittich-SOS und ein Forum.


Standard Nymphensittich Vereinigung Deutschland e.V.

Tierheimlinks. Hier kann man Tierheime in ganz Deutschland finden. Viele Nymphensittiche und andere Tiere warten auf ein gutes Zuhause. Vögel sind im allgemeinen unter "Kleintiere" aufgelistet. Man kann auch einfach das nächste Tierheim anrufen und fragen, ob ein Nymphensittich auf Adoption wartet.


Das Nymphensittich-Quiz Viel Spaß!

Wer noch andere gute Links über Nymphensittiche kennt, möge sie bitte unter "Comments" hinterlassen! Vielen Dank!

Leisure Time

The Tall One went to work later than usual yesterday, so Miss Prissy and I took the opportunity to move about the apartment while the cage was open. Afterwards, we settled in on the porch for a little snooze.