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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Buying a Healthy Cockatiel

Just to make sure you are really prepared for the responsibility of serving a cockatiel, here is another link that will help you consider the implications:
Considering a Pet Bird? Ask Yourself These Seven Critical Questions. By Simon Blake at petboro.com.

Following is a list of very useful links for choosing a pet bird in general and/or a cockatiel in particular. As a cockatiel, I can only base my judgment on my own experiences, and these links seem very good to me, but of course I cannot guarantee that the humans who wrote these articles got all their information right. I hope they make your search for a cockatiel companion easier!

* Introduction to Cockatiels. By Susan Hahn. This brief article contains a description of cockatiel characteristics and what to consider when selecting a bird.

* How to Buy a Cockatiel by e-how.com. This is a brief 9-step guide. It provides useful introductory information. However, you should read several of the information provided in the following links for more specifics.

* Procuring the Right Bird for You -- the Right Way. Information provided by Dr. Jill M. Patt, DVM. "Procuring" is a fancy word, just right for us fancy birds. This is probably my favorite article on the topic of getting a bird, because it is packed with information. It includes questions to ask yourself, and information and links about bird adoption, which the author and I both recommend over purchasing a bird. In addition, it provides information about the advantages and disadvantages of buying from private parties, breeders, and pet stores.

* Choosing Your Bird. By Parrots Canada, 2000. This article covers pretty much anything that a prospective first bird buyer needs to know, including how to start looking, whether to buy from a breeder or pet store, hand raised babies and weaning, personality, lifesapan, noise level, price, signs of a sick bird, and much more. If children live in the house, the "if you have children, read this" section is especially helpful.

* Buying a Cockatiel. This page provides a comprehensive overview for the first time cockatiel buyer, including a description of our personality, a checklist to see if you are the right kind of person for a tiel, tips on choosing a male or female, one bird or a pair, buying a tiel and a suitable cage, and information on cockatiel bands.

* Purchasing a First Bird Companion. By Pamela L. West, Birds and Ways: Winged Wisdom Pet Bird E-zine, 2001. This article descibes the different options for buying a pet bird: professional breeders, hobbyists, and commercial pet shops. It also includes a list of questions to ask if buying from a pet store.

* Ask and You Shall Receive: Buying a Quality Pet Bird. By Anne Jackson, Birds and Ways: Winged Wisdom Pet E-zine, 1997. This article includes useful lists of questions to ask when buying a bird, including general information and questions as well as questions about diet, health, and care and questions specific for the bird you might select.

* The A, B, Cs and 1, 2, 3s of Bird Buying by Wanda Elder, Birds n Ways, 1997. This article includes a useful list for questions to ask of breeders, exhibitors, and private sellers. I find the questions to ask about older birds especially important.

* Before You Purchase Your New Bird. By Donna Mason, 1997. This page includes three checklists that are very useful when considering a bird for purchase: a health checklist, a list of questions to ask, and a list of basic needs of your new bird.

* Finding a Good Pet Store. By Becky Taylor. This article describes what to look for when choosing a pet store.

* Healthy Cockatiels, by my friend Eleanor McCaffrey at Cockatiel Cottage. This very beautiful page includes information on how to tell if a cockatiel is healthy, including a detailed checklist.

* Inspecting and Choosing a Healthy Bird. By Geoffrey and Barbara Gould, Parrot Preservation Society, 1993. This article describes how to select a bird from a breeder, including questions to ask.

* National Cockatiel Society Bird Checklist. By Dr. Vanessa Rolfe, DVM, 1997. This is a very brief list of the essential items you need to make your cockatiel feel at home. I will post more articles on taking care of your tiel soon!

If you know of any other useful links on this topic, please leave them under "Comments"!

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