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Sunday, February 25, 2007

My Human, the Bird Fan

When my human left this evening, I took the opportunity to snoop through the pictures that she had just downloaded from her digital camera to see where she had been. I was surprised to see that most of the pictures were of birds! I think she went to a zoo or rescue facility, or possibly both, because there were pictures of all kinds of wild birds. There were a few pictures of other animals, too, but the birds were clearly in the lead. I think my constant presence has inspired her to look at all of my winged cousins as being very special. Since she has no idea that this blog even exists, she won't know that I uploaded them, so I am going to share the ones I like best with you:

This is my favorite picture: one of my big parrot cousins.

The barn owl is taking a nap. She looks a lot like Miss Prissy when she's asleep, except that she does not have her feet in the water dish!

This, Miss Prissy, is a duck! A duck can put her feet in the water! You are not a duck, you are a cockatiel! You need to keep your feet dry and out of my drinking water!

I don't know what this bird is called. I think it's some type of dove. Very pretty!

Some people say we birds are really dinosaurs. Once I saw the picture of this bird, I believed it!

This peacock has very pretty tailfeathers. I wonder why the Tall One did not bring me one of those feathers to play with.

I think this is some kind of pelican! Look at that beak!

It's hard to believe that a huge bird like this ostrich is related to me. And the Tall One says I look mean! She's lucky there was a fence between her and him!


CC-man said...

My mom is bird crazy too! She actually goes out in the woods during the springtime with binoculars to look at them. Why bother I wonder, when she can see me up close everyday??


J. L. LeMone said...

Well, it's good to hear that this seems to be normal behavior for humans. I agree, once humans are around cockatiels, they should not feel the need to see any other birds, but humans are easily bored and need some diversion. Looking at birds is a safe and educational pastime for them, so I guess it's okay