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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have not had your tiel for very long, or if you are just getting ready to bring one into your home, you probably have many questions about feeding, housing, and other issues. I hope the links in my previous posts were helpful, but I'm sure there are still some things you'd like to know about.

If you've had your tiel or tiels for a while, you have probably learned by now that the questions never end. They shift from basic care concerns to more complex issues, with "Why does my cockatiel do that?" becoming the overarching question. Behavior and health issues become more important.

From my own experience, I know humans wonder why we tiels like to grind our beaks. Well, I grind my beak when I'm happy. The other day, I sat on the Tall One's shoulder and started to doze off, grinding my beak. Another thing we do when we're happy and healthy is to sleep standing on one foot. A sick cockatiel would not be able to keep his balance like that, so if your tiel always uses both feet, it might be a warning sign. We have many more habits like that, so with that in mind, I've compiled a list of links to pages dedicated to frequently asked cockatiel questions. I hope you find it useful!

* North American Cockatiel Society: Frequently Asked Pet Cockatiel Questions. Sorted by Behavior, Caging, Clipping Wings, Diet, Egg Laying, Escaped Cockatiels, Feathers, Illness, New Cockatiels, Sexing, Talking, Training, Travelling, and Miscallaneous. All questions and answers are very brief and concise, making for an easy read.

* Frequently Asked Cockatiel Questions. My friend Eleanor at the Cockatiel Cottage put together a list of over 60 questions and answers to all types of cockatiel related topics, from new bird topics to care, health and behavior.

* Australian National Cockatiel Society: Frequently Asked Questions. Questions and answers about many aspects of cockatiel care, most notably eggs, breeding, health conditions, and behavior.

* Pet Cockatiel FAQ. Five basic questions and answers from our cockatiel friends in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, including cockatiel lifespan, size, suitability as a pet, talking, and noise level.

* Cockatiel Information, Cockatiel Care. Nine questions and answers, including health, lifespan, sexing, care, cage, and breeding.

* Birder's Eye: Cockatiel FAQ. Answers to a variety of questions.

* Beginning With Birds: Cockatiel FAQ. By Anita Golden. Answers to a variety of questions.

* Tiel-L FAQ. This list of 38 questions and answers was compiled by the users of the Tiel-L mailing list.

* Cockatiel Tweets Corner: Frequently Asked Questions. Most of them start with the age-old question "Why do cockatiels..."

* American Cockatiel Society: Ask the Vet. Questions and answers on two specialized health topics: a hen laying soft-shelled eggs, and the symptoms and treatment of sour crop.

* Bird Frequently Asked Questions. A fun, simple site with basic questions and answers regarding food, safety, terminology, etc. for all types of pet birds. Easy to read.

* Animal Adventure: Bird Questions. Questions and answers to different bird questions, such a cage placement, apartment living, feeding, temperature, bathing, and cockatiel night frights. If you're interested in other types of pets, you can keep reading on for questions and answers about fish, ferrets, hamsters, rabbits, and even prairie dogs!

If you can't find the answer to your question, try the articles I listed in previous posts. You can easily find them under "Previous Posts: By Topic". Click on Cockatiel Care, Cockatiel Knowledge, or Links. If you can't find what you're looking for, leave me a question under "comments"; I'll try to find the answers for you. You can also join one or more of the friendly message boards I selected and listed under "Cockatiel Conversation" on the left side of my blog. The people on these boards are very dedicated and experienced, and if you post a question, they will generally answer you right away.

Good luck!


Jasper said...

WOW...lots of good advice there...you are nice to share!
You are the KEWLEST bird I know!

J. L. LeMone said...

Thank you, Jasper!

Andrea said...

Thanks J. L. Lemone, a sort of infinite information, love the links, with these my mama will care more about me... jugs from Brazil (Jackie)

J. L. LeMone said...

Hi Jackie!

It's nice to see that you were able to log on using your mom's account! That's one of the many humans' duties: to provide us with internet access.

I'm glad your mom will be able to put the links to good use!

J. L. LeMone

Anonymous said...

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