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Monday, February 19, 2007

Entertaining the Tall One

The Tall One has been home all day. She says she has a stomachache. If you ask me, that's because she eats all kinds of strange things. Maybe I should convert her to a pellet diet, hehe! She says someone called the Flu is going around, and she did not sound happy about it, so I hope he does not come here; she's already unhappy enough as it is.

Miss Prissy flew on the Tall One's head right away this morning, and I followed. We sat on her shoulders for hours. I preened her hair and her neck, and I think that made her feel better. Finally, both Miss Prissy and I fell asleep for a while. The Tall One has her shortcomings, but she does make for a great perch! Later on, I chirped at her for a while so it would not be so quiet and boring around here, and then I got behind the cage and tore up some of the newspaper while screeching at it. I pecked at the wooden cabinet for a while, because the Tall One likes it when I act like a woodpecker. She was getting too quiet, though, so I got ready to chew on the rubber cord. Just like I thought, she told me to quit, and I was happy that I at least got a reaction out of her.

I'm telling you, it's pretty hard to entertain a human who is sick!


T-man said...

Ooh, I hope your Tall One feels better soon. Of course, it's to your advantage to have her home so you can look after her all day! I hope you're leaving lots of get-wells poops around like CC-man does. They really work...Mom always gets up when she's pooped on enough.

J. L. LeMone said...

Hi T-Man!

Actually, Miss Prissy is in charge of the pooping, and you're right, it always gets the Tall One moving. I never used to poop on anyone, but once I saw the reaction Miss Prissy got, I started doing it, too, just not as frequently.

I'm sad to hear CC-man had to go to the doctor! I don't think he'll like taking his medicine. Maybe I should send the Cool One over to take care of him!