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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cockatiel / Quarrion / Nymphicus Hollandicus / Nymphensittich / Perruche Calopsitte / Calopsita / Cacatúa Ninfa o Carolina

We tiels are very popular around the world, and we go by many names. In the English-speaking world, we are known as Cockatiels; in Australia, also as Quarrions. Our proper Latin name is Nymphicus Hollandicus. In German-speaking countries, we are called Nymphensittich. Our francophone friends call us Perruche Calopsitte. In the Spanish-speaking world, we are known as Cacatúa Ninfa or Cacatúa Carolina. In Italian and Portuguese, our name is Calopsita.

I'm very excited to report that I have alreay had visitors from many different countries, including the United States of America, Canada, Britain, Australia, France, Germany, Austria, Mexico, Spain, Tunesia, Qatar, Sweden, Croatia, India, China, Japan, and Malaysia. Just today, Andrea and her cockatiel Jackie from Brazil stopped by!

With so many names and so many friends around the world, some of whom have already visited my blog, I want to include more international information, and I am going to begin by putting some resources together for my friends in the French, German, and Spanish speaking realms, with others to follow. Watch for future posts that feature links in these languages!

Merci! Thank you! Danke! Gracias! Grazie!


T-man said...
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T-man said...

CC-man thinks that Jackie is a real babe!


Carol said...

Thanx a lot for dropping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog.Iam very touched to know that you liked my blogs and those ecards. Do peep in more often.Today I wrote a post on love birds and lemme know how you like it!! Cheers!!

Andrea said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting and comment about Jackie´s Blog! Hugs from Brazil! Love the pictures from your blog...

J. L. LeMone said...

Yes, Jackie is extremely pretty! Just don't tell Miss Prissy I said that!

Thank you for the link! I liked the picture and the information, and the You Tube video was great!

I'm glad you liked the pictures! I had a few more visitors from Brazil thanks to you and Jackie, and that made me very happy! I love visitors!

J. L. LeMone

Michel said...

Great post - well written. I have been a cockatiel owner all my life and have also started a blog. The more you do the more you learn about these amazing birds.