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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Don't Go to Work, Human!

I am really mad at the Tall One today. She actually went to that place she calls work, just as I was getting used to her being home all day long. I knew she was going to, because she got up early and ate something, and then she ran the water in the bathroom for a long time. She only let Miss Prissy and me out for a few minutes and put us right back into the cage. Those are the classic signs that she is planning to be gone all day. I thought about biting her, but then I saw that she had filled up our food dish, and that appeased me somewhat.

The Tall One just doesn't know what's best for her and, more importantly, for me. She's not even feeling well yet. She's sneezing a lot, and she's still tired. Of course, she should be staying home with Miss Prissy and me. But this way, she'll come home when it's dark, and then she'll be too tired to let us out and play with us.

I chirped at her to let her know she couldn't leave, but she did not obey me! Even Miss Prissy joined in the noisemaking, but it did not change the Tall One's mind. She is so stubborn! It's very annoying when humans don't do what they're told.


T-man said...

Maybe you can try a doggie trick and start puking when she's getting ready to leave. That should scare her into staying home!! You and Miss Prissy should practice to make sure you look convincing :)


J. L. LeMone said...

Good doggie idea, T-man. The problem is, she knows to take us birds to the vet as soon as there is the slightest sign of trouble, and I don't want to go to the vet!

Maybe if I could find her keys and hide them...

J. L. LeMone