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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Egg City

This has been an egg-citing year, my friends! I have to confess that I neglected the blog during my turbulent teenage times, but I am now a grown-up, responsible tiel. I have been very busy taking turns with Miss Prissy sitting on the pretty pink eggs she lays. I'm not egg-sactly sure what will happen if I sit on them long enough, but I'm sure it's important. The Tall One has been taking them away, which does not make me happy. Miss Prissy, though, replaces them faithfully. I'm waiting now for the next egg to appear. In the meantime, I'm shredding the Tall One's magazines.

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I have been spending way too much time in my cage lately. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love my cage, but I think the door should be open all the time. I don't understand why the Tall One closes it. Miss Prissy and I are so well behaved, we don't give the Tall One any trouble at all. We even help her shred all the papers she has, and she has lots of papers!

Usually she lets us out when she is home, but the last week, she has only gotten us out of the cage to pet us and then to put us back. Miss Prissy says it's because of my flight feathers. You see, I have very beautiful yellow feathers on my wings that help me fly. The other night, though, Miss Prissy fell off the perch while she was sleeping. She likes to sit on the perch and lean forward until her head is lower than her tailfeather. It does not look comfortable to me at all, but she likes to fall asleep that way. Sometimes, though, she loses her balance and flutters about, and that startles me. This time, I crashed into the cage bars and lost some of my flight feathers. I did not bleed, though, and I'm already regrowing my feathers.

The Tall One wants to make sure that I don't hurt myself while I'm out of the cage, because I've been flying lopsided and landing in places I did not want to land in at all, mostly on the living room floor. Yesterday, though, I managed to get away from the Tall One and fly from her shoulder to the top of my cage. She was surprised, but happy that I'm already flying so much better. I'm hoping that she'll start letting us out again really soon!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hello from Carrera!

This is Carrera the Cockatiel! Miss Prissy, the beautiful cockatiel lady who shares my hunter grossen cage, reminded me about the blog. Now, I usually don't forget things, but I must admit that I've been so busy with my fun new life in the sunlit apartment with Miss Prissy and the Tall One that I've put blogging on the back burner, as the Tall One would say. (I like watching her cook, you know, especially tortellini, my favorite.) Now that I've settled into my new life, I promise I won't forget again.

Things have been going well around here. Miss Prissy has gotten used to me by now, and I think she trusts me. The Tall One was gone a while to the place she calls Germany to visit her people family and show some of the students she workd with what it's like over there.

In the meantime, the Cool One came over a lot and played with us. He held me upside down a lot! It was fun. The Tall One is back now, and she says she is on vacation now. I think that means she has more time for us. She is home a lot and plays with us.

Well, that's it for now! I'll be back soon, I promise!

Carrera the Cockatiel

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Oh, right, there you are!

Hi! This is Miss Prissy here. I just walked across the room and landed on this thing, and I remembered it was LeMone's favorite toy. So I thought I'd peck on the keys a bit, and I remembered all about our blog. I think I said we would write about our lives. But I forgot. I get forgetful sometimes. What was I saying?

Hmm. Oh, yes, the blog. The Tall One has not gone on the blog much. She won't say it, but I think she really misses LeMone. All it takes is a picture of him, and water comes out of her eyes again. The blog is full of pictures, so there is lots of water.

Carrera is really a nice guy, you know. He's not a baby anymore. He's getting pretty grown up. He's even gotten a bit bigger. Right now the Tall One has grounded him, because he has lost some flight feathers. I think I startled him, and he crashed into the cage bars. He's not happy he can't fly. I am going to tell him to check in with all of you and tell you how he is doing!

See you soon!

Miss Prissy

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Any News about Tita?

Steph, have you found your missing tiel, Tita? I'm really worried, because you haven't posted. Maybe somebody found her and doesn't know who she belongs to? The Tall One said she checked the newspaper for weeks after she found J.L. LeMone; did you put an ad in the paper?
Everybody, please keep looking for Tita!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Laptop Is Working!!!

The Tall One finally figured out how to fix the laptop! It was working okay, but we could not get on the internet on it, and the old computer was very slow. Today, she finally found out how to restore the computer to its original settings, and then she realized that the repair people had disabled the wireless network connection, and that's why it was not working. She is so smart! She even found out how to enable it again, and now it's working wonderfully! Thank you for being so patient. I'll be able to blog much more often again.

Right now I have to go, though. The Cool One is coming over, and he is going to hold me upside down!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Night Fright

I like Miss Prissy, who shares my cage, but sometimes she startles me. The other night, she suddenly started fluttering about, even though the Tall One had left the night light on and Miss Prissy could clearly see that there was nothing to be scared of. She has a habit of sleeping on a perch leaning forward, until she almost forms a horizontal line; I have never seen a fellow tiel doing this. I think she lost her balance and started slipping off her perch, so she fluttered about.
Anyway, the noise startled me, and I fluttered about as well. I bumped against the bars and the perches with my pretty wings until the Tall One came, turned on the lights, and told us everything was fine. Well, Miss Prissy and I settled down right away, and the Tall One checked us to see if we were alright. Then, we all went back to sleep.

Well, I didn't really think about the incident very much, and neither did the Tall One. I seriously doubt that Miss Prissy wasted even a second of her time reflecting on it; she gets startled quite frequently, and she probably thinks it's part of her cockatiel routine. The next day, though, I wanted to fly about the living room for a while, but I lost altitude and could not steer. I made an emergency landing on the table by the window, and I tried again to reach the cage, this time landing on the floor. I like the Tall One a lot, and she is very busy, and she already does so much for me and spends so much time with me, so I do not like to bother her, but this time, I needed help. So I chirped for her, and she picked me up and petted me and told me the left wing feathers I had lost kept me from flying evenly. Not to worry, though, she said; they would grow back soon. I'm lucky to have such a nice human who knows so many things about tiels, otherwise I would have been worried. I'll just have to wait for my feathers to grow back in. On the upside, the Tall One gave us extra millet spray to make us feel better. Yum!

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Leisure Time

I really like the tiel who shares my cage. His name is Carrera, and he is always nice. Except when I try to pull on his tail feathers, then he hisses at me, so I don't try to get to his feathers anymore. He doesn't preen me, though, so that's one thing I still have to teach him.

The Tall One is not home much these days; she always goes to the place she calls work. It's nice to have Carrera around. He is good company. We just hang out in the cage, eat, and play with our toys. It's fun!

Fall Fun

Oh, I just love this time of the year! The sky is blue, the leaves are red and yellow, and I get to see all of it from my cage! I never knew fall was so nice! I used to live in a small room in the basement of a house, and I never got to see the sky. I did not know that colors could be so brilliant! I also hear many birds singing outside, and as soon as I do, I sing back to them. It is so much fun!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

J.L., Are You Sure I'm Not a Duck?


My Tall One still has not been able to make her computer work right, so I wrote out my blog post on a piece of paper and gave it to the Cool One to type up. I assume he has a computer, too, since he is cool. If you are reading this, it means that the Cool One posted it for me.

The other day, I had a very exciting adventure. J.L. always used to tell me that I'm not a duck, and maybe he was right, but I definitely have duck-like talents. The Tall One had opened up our cage, and Carrera and I were climbing around the furniture, when suddenly, something startled us. I fluttered off and found myself in the small bright room the Tall One uses when she needs water to get clean. I saw a nice, shiny surface in the big thing she calls a tub, so I decided to land. The surface was not solid, though, and it moved below me, so I spread out my pretty wings. It worked very well, and I was just about to enjoy floating, because I realized the warm stuff was actually water just like in my drinking dish, just a whole lot more of it. The Tall One picked me up right away, though. She rinsed out my pretty feathers with lukewarm water and dried me off with a soft clean T-Shirt. She seemed worried about me, but actually, I quite enjoyed it. My feathers were nice and clean and not as dusty anymore, and I spent most of the day preening them.

A smaller tub might have been nice, but other than that, I liked going for a little swim. I don't know how long I would have enjoyed it, though, so it's good that the Tall One was right there. She usually does not let us out of the cage when there is lots of water around, and she was really worried about my little excursion. I hope that she will get me a small cockatiel-sized bathtub that fits in my cage.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tiel Monthly? No!

Dear Friends, I have to apologize for temporarily turning Tiel Weekly into Tiel Monthly! The Tall One's computer broke, and she had to send it away to be fixed. She said it had something called a warranty, but it took a very long time for it to come back. She was very mad at the computer store, because at first, they forgot to send it and just left it in the back of the store, and when they finally sent it to be repaired, they sent it to California instead of to the place in Illinois where it needed to be fixed. It took over a month!!! She would have let me use her old computer to blog, but it is so old that Tiel Weekly would not even load correctly on it!

The laptop is fixed now, but the Tall One said that a lot of the programs and files are gone, and she needs to reformat the hard drive and reinstall everything, so it may be a few more days until I can get back to you. Needless to say, I was not happy about it, because I love blogging and getting to know all of you. I know the Tall One is very smart, though, and I'm sure she will be able to get our laptop to work again.

In the meantime, I have been very busy exploring the cage. The Cool One hung up a bell in it, and I love to ring it! I finally managed to tear the string and make the bell fall to the bottom of the cage, and I like to throw it around. I also like the echo it makes when I sing to it. It is so much fun to sing, and the Tall One enjoys it! She whistles back at me and tells me to sing some more. She is gone most of the day now to the place she calls work, but when she's home, she plays with me, and the Cool One comes over a lot and holds me upside down!

As soon as the Tall One is done getting our laptop back to the way it is supposed to be, I will update you on all the things that have been going on in the meantime! I hope all of you are well!


Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Tall One

My Tall One has been back for over a week, and I am so happy! I love to walk around on her and preen her hair. She is home most of the day now, and I enjoy spending time with her. I don't like it when she leaves the room, though; I scream for her, and if the cage door is open, I go looking for her. Sometimes she goes into her small room with the shiny piece of glass where she can see herself. When she does, I tried to land on the little cabinet shelf in front of it. The problem is that she has little containers and other strange things on it, and they are in the way, so I knock them down with my wings. She does not get upset, though, she just picks me up and talks to me. She also knows how to scratch the back of my neck. Carrera doesn't know that yet, so I have to teach him!

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Quality Tiel Time

I am so happy the Tall One is back! She is there almost all the time, and she lets us sit on her shoulders and preen her hair! I really enjoy it. I also like flying on top of the bookshelf and shredding the magazines she has there. The Cool One has been coming over a lot, too, and he holds me upside down! At first, I did not know what to think about that, but now I enjoy it!

Friday, August 3, 2007

The Tall One is Back!

To be honest, I had almost forgotten about the Tall One, because the Cool One took such good care of us, and she has been gone quite a long time. She came back with her huge blue boxes on wheels, and she has been spending a lot of time with us since then. It's so nice to have a human around all day! I've been singing happily, and she has been admiring my beautiful voice.

This morning, she took some pictures of Miss Prissy and me while we walked around on the shelf. She has statues of a cookaburra and a lorikeet that are about our size, so here are some pictures of Aussie birds, real and fake:

I knew he was just a fake, but I still didn't like the way he looked at me with his long beak!

So I showed him who the boss is!

The Tall One had to rescue him from me by taking him away! Ha! I showed him!

Saturday, July 14, 2007

In Memory of J.L. LeMone

It has been a month, dear friends, that J.L. passed away. Even though I never met him, I know him through his posts and Miss Prissy´s recollections, and I feel very sad today. I hope you all remember him today, and always.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Cage, Sweet Cage

I really love my cage, and now that Miss Prissy shares it with me, I don´t really want to leave it. The Cool One comes to spend time with us, and I enjoy riding on his shoulder, but after a while I want to get back to my nice home. It is so much nicer than the old one I used to live in, and the food dish is huge! The Cool One makes sure the dish is always filled, and he gives us treats, too. It is so nice to have a good home, a nice human around, and a beautiful cockatiel lady nearby. Not to mention all the sunshine we get! I´m so happy, I sing a lot. I hope Miss Prissy enjoys it.

Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time Together

I really like the pretty cockatiel girl, now that she is not preoccupied with the pink things anymore. I like her name, too: Miss Prissy. She has been paying attention to me the last couple of days, which makes me really happy. The Cool One put us both on top of her cage so we could share some millet spray, and she was very friendly. She did not try to bite or chase me at all.

Later, she flew onto my cage with me, and when the Cool One put both of us in there, I invited her to dinner at my food dish, and she graciously accepted. She has been staying in my cage a lot, and I am so happy that I do not want to leave it, even when the Cool One comes to play with us. I hope we will continue to get along really well.

Tiel Time

The new cockatiel´s name is Carrera, and he is very nice. He even has a nice hunter green cage of his own! I was very interested in it, so I followed him there. My cage is nice, but his is even better, so it did not bother me when the Cool One put both of us in there. The food dish is really big and full of yummy seeds. Carrera and I eat out of it together, and that´s fun. I like having another tiel around.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Hi, everyone!

I have been very busy the last few weeks, but I do not remember why. Anyway, I have some more time now. The Cool One has been coming over and playing with the new tiel and me. (I forgot his name, but he is nice and has pretty feathers.) The food is good, too.

The Cute Cockatiel

The pink things are gone. I think the Cool One took care of them. Now, the cute little cockatiel girl pays more attention to me. I have been preening my feathers to make a good impression. I am hoping she will like my cage and come visit me more often. Maybe she will even join me here. I like company, and Miss Prissy is very pretty.