If your bird seems sick, take him or her to an avian vet immediately! Check your local phone book or Vet Lookup, AAV, Avian Vet.

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Tiel Trivia


I found another cockatiel trivia quiz for you: All About Cockatiels. Have fun, and leave me a comment how you liked it and how you did!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Cage Cleaning Ordeal

There is one thing I hate almost as much as bathing, and that's when the Tall One gets into her cage cleaning moods. As usual, she was very sneaky about it, opening the cage door and then waiting until both Miss Prissy and I took a break from sitting on the boring pink things. As soon as we strolled on top of the cage, she started dismantling it, even taking the bottom off. At least she has given up on trying to stick us in the small cage she used to put us in at cage cleaning times; I guess my sharp beak got the message across after all. Instead, she put us on her shoulder, and after a while we flew off onto the bookshelf.

I don't think Miss Prissy knew what was going on, but I watched the Tall One as she took our beautiful cage apart and scrubbed it down. Now, I like a clean cage as much as the next tiel, but did she have to do this today? It's not like we haven't had an exciting enough week already! The pink things, the boiler, and now this? To let her know how I felt about it, I shredded the magazines on the shelf, and after that, I felt better.

After a while, she brought the top of the cage back, and she let us sit on it while she got the other parts ready. When she finally assembled everything, it was squeaky clean, we had fresh water and birdseed, and she had even put some newspaper underneath the cage that I started shredding right after having some food, since she did not bother to close the cage door yet.

The day's excitements were still not over; suddenly, I slipped on the newspaper and fell behind the cabinet, just like Miss Prissy did the other day. Of course, it was not my fault, but the Tall One's. Unlike Miss Prissy, I am not prone to panic. I did not flutter my pretty wings so I would not hurt them, I simply chirped for the Tall One to get me, and she did. Of course, I was undaunted by the adventure and kept on shredding, until it occurred to me that the cage looked different than before.

So I climbed back inside, and I inspected the place. A few of the toys were missing, but that was not the most alarming part. The pink things were gone, too! Now, I had given up on the Tall One taking care of the things, and, to be honest, I had gotten used to them. Why did she take them away now? Miss Prissy, of course, did not even notice they were gone, but if I remember correctly, two or three more of those things should show up soon anyway.

If she is going to take our toys away, I might as well preen my pretty feathers while I am waiting...

... and do some stretching exercises...

... while Miss Prissy is totally oblivious to the fact that the Tall One is rearranging all our cage furniture.

What have you done with the pink things, human? We left them right here. Miss Prissy, our pink things are gone!

What pink things? I don't remember any pink things. Hmmm, that bird seed is yummy!

Adopting a Cockatiel

Now, if you have decided that you are the right type of human for a cockatiel, your next question is, of course, how to find one. There are many tiels out there who, like moi at the time, have been abandoned by people who did not understand their needs. Others may have had caring humans who passed away. These tiels are in need of a home that is worthy of them, and if you are in a position to provide it, you should.

Luckily, there are many caring humans who dedicate their time to helping animals find good homes. Being a cockatiel, of course, I have not been in a situation where I needed to find an animal to adopt, so I cannot guarantee how well the following services work, but they certainly will give you a place to start.

If you live in the USA, a good place to check is petfinder.com. You can search not only for cockatiels, but also for other types of birds and other animals, such as dogs, cats, reptiles, and even pigs! All you need to do is select what kind of animal you are looking for, along with your ZIP code, and a list of animals will pop up. Many of them even have pictures.

Here is a list of Bird Rescues and Sanctuaries in different countries. States in the USA are listed first. Scroll further down for Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, Panama, the Netherlands, or the United Kingdom.

The Mickaboo Cockatiel Rescue has a Reading Room where you can find answers to frequently asked questions and some information on avian care, dangers in the home, symptoms of illness, and other topics. If you live in California, you can check their site for cockatiels and other birds that are up to adoption, and you can even attend free bird care classes! I wish all humans got training before taking in a cockatiel, or any other creature for that maatter.

If you have any other cockatiel, bird, or animal rescue links, please post them under "Comments" below. I will keep my eyes open for more cockatiel adoption information.

Thing One and Thing Two

Mes amis,

The silly humans finally turned the heat back on, which made me happy, but not for long. As soon as it got warm in the apartment again, a second pink thing appeared. I guess there is no stopping them now.

Since Miss Prissy likes to sit on them, I took the opportunity to try it out myself while she was eating. I sat on them for a long time, but there was nothing spectacular about it. It wasn't very comfortable, and the things did not move. No baby birds appeared, either, which is good, of course, because I don't know what we would do with them. I don't think Miss Prissy knows, either.

Luckily, the Cool One finally came over again today. He held me upside down and smoothened my ruffled feathers, and I played with the zipper on his shirt. He put me in such a good mood that I even let the Tall One pet me on my head, which is very unusual. I think she felt honored.

Friday, January 26, 2007

I'm Not a Penguin!

I don't know what these humans are up to, but it has been cold in the apartment all day long! I don't like the cold! My ancestors are from Australia, where it is nice and warm, and even though my family has been in this country for generations, more than a century, we never got used to the cold temperatures, let alone snow. One of the reasons we put up with our humans, beside the food, of course, is that they keep us warm. That is their job!

The Tall One usually likes to be warm, too, which is definitely one of her few positive characteristics, but today, it does not seem to bother her. I gave her a dirty look when she finally came home. Didn't she hear the wind howling around the building?

At least she understood what I was trying to say, but since it is freezing in here, it certainly did not take a rocket scientist to figure it out! She looked at me apologetically and mumbled something about the humans putting in a new boiler. I don't want to be boiled! I just want to be nice and warm! I'm a cockatiel, for crying out loud, not a penguin!

I have to go, my feet are getting cold!

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Invasion of the Pink Things!

All of my efforts to keep the pink things from appearing were futile after all. Miss Prissy decided to simply go in the opposite corner of the cage while I was guarding her usual spot. She made herself flat as a pancake and just sat there for a long time, and when she finally moved, there was another pink thing!

Understandably enough, I am very upset. I rolled the thing around the cage floor for a while to see if there were any baby birds in there like Nikkibird said, but I heard nothing. For all I know, the things are a nuisance, and they make Miss Prissy completely ignore me. The worst part about it is that I know that more pink things will appear soon, and I don't know how to stop them. Help!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Adopting a Pet

Remember how a while ago, we had a conversation about how to tell whether or not a human is suitable to take care of a cockatiel or another animal? Now, if you are a human and you've decided that you are not worthy of a cockatiel at this time, but that you would like to adopt a cat or dog, here's a list of very informative articles on what you should do.

That's all I can help you with; why anybody would want to live in the same house with a dangerous feline or canine that might rip a pretty bird's feathers out is beyone me, but I know that my buddy CC-Man owns a poodle, and everything seems to be going well, so maybe I'm biased. Anyway, congratulations and good luck!

If you found you are the right human for a beautiful bird, here is a short article to help you decide which type of bird you are suitable for: Which Is the Right Bird for Me?. This will get you started.

Naturally, you have come to the right place for links to all kinds of good bird information, beak-picked by a winged writer, so keep checking back here for more!

Au revoir!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Rescue

You can say all kinds of bad things about the Tall One, and most of it is probably true, but when things go wrong, you can count on her to come to the rescue. Today, Miss Prissy and I climbed down to the ledge behind the cage. We do that all the time. It's fun to peck at the cage from the outside and to eat some of the birdseed that has fallen back there.

Miss Prissy was trying to reach one of those black rubbery things that are hanging down a short distance away. I could have told her that the Tall One has them too far away for us to reach, but I think she is near-sighted, because she actually thought it might be possible! So she stretched out her neck, trying to reach it, when she fell behind the cabinet!

Luckily, the Tall One left a lot of space between the cabinet and the wall, so Miss Prissy fell safely to the floor, trying to flutter her pretty wings, but then she was stuck there. I screamed as loud as I could to alert the Tall One, and then I realized that she was already standing right next to the cage. She moved some things to be able to reach into that space and get Miss Prissy out. She set her on the cage as if it was nothing, and she talked to us for a long time. I think she was telling us not to worry. Still, I found it distressing, so I was glad when she put us back in the cage, right by the food dish.

It's good to have a human to help out in case of trouble, even if that human is far from perfect.

Bird a Day Blog


I just found out about another human who dedicates his time to us birds. His name is Andrew, and he has a blog called Bird a Day, where he features a picture of a beautiful bird almost every day! Some of them include videos. Check it out!
Of course, what would a blog about beautiful birds be without a picture of moi? I was very happy to see that my picture is today's feature!

Merci, Andrew!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Cockatiel Jigsaws

Did you enjoy the cockatiel puzzles a few days ago? It's always a good idea to exercise your brain, especially if you are a human trying to keep up with your intelligent cockatiel friends! My buddies at Cockatiel Cottage have a large collection of cockatiel jigsaw puzzles. Have fun!

The Honey Treat

Bonsoir, mes amis!

Well, the Tall One must have realized she offended me, because she is trying to make amends. She came home with one of those yummy honey treats that have lots of different seeds and other good stuff in them. Of course, I can't be easily bribed into forgiveness, especially since she did not formally apologize, so I just ignored her and the treat for a few minutes.

But I understood what she was trying to say, and besides, the treat looked really good and I was craving a snack, so I went over there and started eating. Miss Prissy joined me, too, but she would have eaten either way. She probably does not even remember how rudely the Tall One treated us.

Anyway, I am not angry at the Tall One anymore, but that does not mean that I have forgotten what she did. Knowing her, she will probably do it again very soon, and she'll have to apologize all over again. I just wish she would learn from her mistakes and treat me with the respect I deserve.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Hike Cut Short

I'm not happy with the Tall One. She tries to boss me around, even though I am the boss! Miss Prissy and I were hiking along the shelf to the wall. After being in the cage most of the day, it was nice to go for a little walk.

I felt like chewing at something, so I went to the gray rubbery thing that comes out of the wall. But before I could even open my beak, the Tall One came and told me not to. Well, I didn't want to upset her, so I took a few steps back. I figured she would not pay attention for too long, since she had been playing with my computer. (I hope she does not come across my blog, but I really don't think she's smart enough). As soon as I was back at the wall, though, she came all the way over again.

She knows to leave me alone, but she picked up Miss Prissy. Now, being the gentleman that I am, I could not allow my companion to be carried away, so I stepped on the Tall One's hand to go along for the ride. I bit her hand to let her know I did not appreciate our hike being cut short, but she must be getting used to it by now, because she did not even flinch. She put us back in the cage. I was so mad that I almost broke out, but then she would know that I know how to get out of the cage, and I can't let that happen. So I hissed at her a few times and screeched in protest. I'll have to let it be at that.

Now, I usually like the Tall One alright, and I know she just adores me. I have to remind myself that it's not her fault that she's not as intelligent as I am. I only wish she were not so stubborn. She really needs obedience training!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Daily Animal Crossword Puzzle


I found a really cool site for those of you who love animals and crossword puzzles. CentralPets.com has a new crossword puzzle about animals every day. It's easy to use, and you can save your work. The next day, the solution is posted.
I will post the link on the left side of the blog so you can access it every day, or you can click right here: Animal Crossword

You do need something called Java to access it. I'm not sure what that is, but I don't think it's coffee. You probably already have it, so just click on the link (it worked for me!), but maybe our more technology-savy friends can leave us a comment right below to tell us how to get it. Enjoy!

Monday, January 15, 2007

A Cool Visit

I've been chirping happily for the last few minutes. The Cool One came over and played with me! He cupped his hand so I could take a little nap in it, and he held me upside down! I like seeing the world from that perspective, like a bat!

Then he fixed my banana perch. It's that yummy calcium stuff that smells like bananas, and since I've been bored all day long, I just chipped away on it until it was hanging down. It got all wobbly, and I didn't like it anymore. The Cool One took it out of the cage and evened it out with that sharp thing he carries in his pocket, and then he put it back on the cage bars. Now it's not unstable anymore, and I can start chipping away on it again.

I don't think the Tall One would be able to fix it, so she will have to talk to him on that silly flat pink thing she holds to her ear. It's very strange, because I can hear his voice through it, even though he's not here, but it works. She talks to him, and after a while, he comes over. It works every time. Well, almost. Anyway, if she tells him she needs help fixing that thing, I'll get to see him right away. Let's see, if I get to work on it right now, he should be back by tomorrow night.

Gotta go, I have some chewing to do...

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And while you're answering questions, take a quick poll and find out a little bit more about your fellow site visitors! Go to the the poll box on the left side of the screen. Find the answer that applies to you the most, click "vote now", and then "view stats". Have fun!

More Trivia, Anyone?

Let's see if you know the answers to this quiz! Post your score right here under "Comments"! Bonne chance!

Friendly Cockatiels

Sunday, January 14, 2007

So, You Want to Be Owned By a Cockatiel?

After reading my blog and looking at the beautiful pictures, you probably cannot imagine living your life without a cockatiel in it. If you already have the privilege to be owned by a cockatiel, congratulations! If not, I am certain you have only one question on your mind: How do I become a member of this elite group of humans?

That, however, is the wrong question, at least for the moment. You need to ask yourself: Am I worthy of this honor? You see, my former humans were smitten by my good looks and beautiful voice, but they did not know how to properly take care of me, and they did not care enough to learn. I don't think it was an accident that both the cage door and the house door were open at the same time. I shudder to think what would have happen to me, had it not been for the Cool One to rescue me and give me a good home with the Tall One.

Maybe you are the right person for a cockatiel. Maybe you even have a calling to be one of the select few who rescue many birds. But it is also possible that you are more suitable for a different type of bird or even a different kind of pet. Some people are not good with animals, even though they may have other talents. Taking in a pet does not make a person a good human; making the right decision does.

So, you need to ask yourself: How much time and space do you have, not only at this moment, but over a span of years or even decades? What kind of environment are you willing and able to provide? Do you have enough money for supplies and vet care? Who will take your place if you have to be gone for a while? Do you have any health conditions that will keep you from serving a certain type of pet, for example allergies? Once you have answered these questions, you will be able to decide if you would be suitable for fish, a hamster, a cat, a dog, a bird, or even the most wonderful of all: a cockatiel.

The Humane Society has a good article about deciding whether you are worthy of opening your home to a companion animal, and if yes, which kind. These are the humans who know; they try to place homeless animals every day. If you are at all considering this rewarding responsibility, please make sure you read the article carefully. Also, if you have links to other good web sites on this topic, please post them under "Comments".


Cockatiel Puzzles

Bonsoir! Now that I've puzzled out the mystery of the pink things, thanks to the informative comment provided by my faithful reader NikkiBird, how about solving a cockatiel jigsaw puzzle? Merlin's Cage: The Tiel Station has three puzzles for you to play. Enjoy, and post your best time under "Comments" here on my blog.

The Battle Against the Pink Things

Have you ever been in a situation where strange things were happening, even though you did not want them to? Now, I don't know about you, but I like to be in control. It's hard enough to train the Tall One to do my bidding, but when Miss Prissy starts acting strangely, I have to draw the line.

I have seen it happen several times before. She changes from a cheerful, friendly, dignified lady to a lethargic, fluffed up, grouchy ball of feathers. All she does is eat; elle a une faim de loup! She won't have anything to do with me, or even the Tall One, whom she usually adores (for reasons I have yet to discover). As if the situation was not bad enough, a few days later, several oval pink things begin to appear. There is nothing special about them; all you can really do is roll them around the bottom of the cage, but even then you have to be careful so they don't break. Miss Prissy, however, seems to think they are important. Usually, we share everything, but she sits on those things all day long and won't even let the Tall One get them. She hisses at either of us when we come close.

In my opinion, the Tall One should take them away immediately, but as usual, she does not have a clue and lets Miss Prissy sit on them for a while. Guess whose job it is to keep those pink things from showing up? (That was a rhetorical question, of course.)

Reasoning with Miss Prissy does not do any good, the Tall One won't do anything, so I had to solve the problem. As soon as Miss Prissy started acting funny again, I sat down in the corner of the cage that she seems to think is reserved for her and those pink things. Now, being a cool guy, I never sit on the ground. I eat, sleep, sing, and move on the perches like a self-respecting tiel should, but since Miss Prissy never got that concept, I had to beat her to the punch. I have been spending most of my time in the corner of the cage, and it worked.

When Miss Prissy finally realized that I would not vacate that space for her, she started acting like her normal self again, and no pink things appeared. I was able to resume my normal lifestyle, but I'm still on the alert for trouble. What would Miss Prissy and the Tall One do without me?

Here is a picture of Miss Prissy, during the good times without any pink things.


I am becoming very computer-savy. I have figured out a system for clicking and dragging; I drag the mouse with my foot and click the button with my beak! Now the entire web is at my disposal.

Of course, I used my new skills to add new features to my blog. I now have a guestbook and a guestmap for you! The guestbook allows you to leave detailed comments. On the guestmap, you can mark your location on the world map, along with a short message. Of course, I am hoping you will use both!

Just click on the "Guest Book" or "Guest Map" button on the left side of this page. If a tiel can do it, so can you! I want to know who you are and where in the world you live!


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cherished Bird Award!

Mes Amis,

I have exciting news! Guess whose site received one of the coveted Cherished Bird Awards from Cockatiel Cottage. Moi! Oui, c'est vrai! Here is the award, which includes a very beautiful picture of a stunning young cockatiel lady. (Just don't tell Miss Prissy about this!)

Until I discovered the internet, I had no idea how many humans dedicate their time to us cockatiels. Rightfully so, I might add. They have their faults, but overall, they are not quite as clueless as I thought.

The lady in charge of the site, which is aptly named Cockatiel Cottage, must have put a lot of time and effort into it. It features links to all kinds of information, including frequently asked questions for those of you who are not familiar with us cockatiels, interesting facts, and even bird jokes. For a cool guy like me, the site graphics are definitely too cute, but I know Miss Prissy will love them.

The next time I take her out on a date, we will have some birdseed and millet spray and then go for a leisurely stroll along the shelf to the computer, where I will show her the site. I am sure she will enjoy the pretty pictures, and when Miss Prissy is happy, everybody is happy.

What Do You Know?

So, by now you think you know a lot about us cockatiels. But do you? Here is a chance to test your knowledge. Go to


You can take the quiz by either selecting HTML view (all questions on one page) or Flash (slide show style). Once you're done, post your score under "comments" right here on my blog!

Bonne chance!

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Happy Cockatiel

Écoutez, s'il vous plaît!

Here is a very cool website that will keep us cockatiels entertained quite a while:

It's very aptly named "The Happy Cockatiel", because it contains a selection of "music for, about, and by cockatiels". Different cockatiels sing along as their human accompanies them on his instruments. Of course, they don't sing quite as pretty as I do, but this should hold you over until I get a recording contract and the Tall One finally learns to play her guitar properly.

If your humans are gone all day long and you don't have any cockatiel companions, this site is definitely for you, and if you have plenty of company, you can use it for music at your cockatiel parties. You can even download the music as MP3s onto your own computer (or, like me, on your human's computer), and it does not cost you a single piece of birdseed! My favorite is, of course, "The Happy Cockatiel", and even Miss Prissy, who can't carry a tune in a seed dish, perked up when "Newton's Song" came on. The Tall One, of course, likes "Lend Me A Bird", since she is borrowing me from the Cool One.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Tall One

Salut! I know you have been checking the site several times a day, awaiting the third part of my tale, but remember, good things are worth waiting for. Finalement, I am able to continue.

Suddenly, another person arrived. This one was taller than the Cool One, and I glared at her suspiciously. I had been perfectly happy around the Cool One, and there was no need for another human. They talked for a while, and she could not keep her eyes off me. I knew I was very good-looking, but still, I wished she would leave.

My wish came true, but not the way I had hoped. She left alright, but she took me with her! I hissed a few times, but it did not do any good. I hoped the Cool One would do something about the situation, but he did not seem to realize that I was being kidnapped. Before I knew it, I was in a big moving box, and after a few minutes, I was being carried into another house. The Tall One set my cage onto a table and talked to me. I think she was trying to make me think she was my friend, but I did not fall for it. I hissed at her and climbed around the small cage, trying to get out. Once again, I was trapped.

The next day, the Tall One changed my water and gave me more food. She talked to me, but I just gave her dirty looks. I hoped she would give me back to the Cool One, but when she finally left, she did not take me with her. Maybe she had gone to get him.

When she returned, the Cool One did not come with her. But she did bring something. For the first time, my curiosity got the better of me, and I whistled in appreciation. It was a large white cage! It looked a lot like the one I used to have, but it was much nicer. She did not let me have it right away, though. She took things out and washed it and put things in. I screamed at her to let me in the new cage, but it took her a long time to listen. Finally, she tried to get me out of my small cage, but I bit her. She retreated, but not for long. She put on some thick gloves and picked me up. I protested, but since she set me into the nice big cage, I was not quite that angry anymore and set out to explore my new surroundings.

The Tall One obviously realized how wonderful it was to have me around. She fed me, gave me water, and, most importantly, talked to me a lot. I did not allow her to touch my cage, but I have to say that I enjoyed whistling and hearing her whistle back. She would open my cage and let me climb on top. Most importantly, the Cool One came to visit often and played with me. Everything was turning out alright. Finally I was appreciated for my beauty and personality.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Cool One

Finally, the Tall One has left! Now, to continue my tale...

I was sitting on the rooftop, exhausted, not knowing what to do, hoping for some kind of rescue, when suddenly, I heard whistling. I looked down on the ground and located the source of the friendly sounds. It was the human I had seen sitting close to the birdfeeder before the gusts of wind prevented my safe landing. He was standing on the ground, looking at me. I had never met a human before who whistled fluent Cockatiel, so I carefully walked down the slanted roof to get a better look. In my experience, people were the ones who had access to the birdseed, and since I had seen this one close to the feeder, I figured he might be able to give me some food.

When I heard the big birds screaming in the distance, my mind was made up. I could not last much longer on my own, and I had to have a person to feed me. I did not like my previous humans, but this one certainly paid more attention to me already than all the others ever had, so I fluttered down from the roof to a big thing the humans called truck, right next to the human. He kept whistling at me and, with a firm but gentle motion, picked me up. For a moment, I regretted my decision, but once I found myself in a small cage with a full dish of birdseed and with fresh water, I was relieved. I gulped down the seeds as if I had not eaten in weeks. Freedom had not been as good as I had expected, and being in a cage certainly had its advantages.

This human was very cool, I decided. He knew exactly what a cockatiel wanted. Food, water, a safe cage, and good company. I liked the way he whistled to me, and I looked forward to spending lots of time with him.

Just as I was beginning to preen my pretty feathers, content to have found a new, and better, home, however, my fate changed again.

I have to go again. À bientôt!

Saturday, January 6, 2007



Now that you know who I am, you would probably like to know where I came from. Don't we all want to know our origins and background? Sadly, some details remain shrouded in mystery, and it is no different with me.

Nobody marked the day when I hatched from the little pink egg, and I do not recall the name of the cockatiel mother who fed me or how many of the incessantly chirping other little baby birds shared our cage. Those were relatively carefree, if noisy, days, but soon, I began to wish I had never left the egg. Some humans took me and put me in a cage, but while they seemed to like my pretty singing, they did not pay much attention to me otherwise. They filled my dish and changed my water on occasion, but nobody took me out of the cage to play with me. My intelligence and beauty went unacknowledged.

One day, after I had hissed at one of the humans, I found my cage door open. Tentatively, I stepped out, stretching my pretty wings. Luckily, I had done my exercises, stretching and flapping my pretty wings every day like a good cockatiel should, even though I had never had use for them until that day. I knew they were strong enough to carry me, so I leapt off and flew. The careless human had not only left the cage door open; the house door was open as well, and I flew the coup.

What a strange world it was! I had never been outside before, and the bright sunshine blinded me. I flew higher and higher toward the blue sky, until my eyes had gotten used to the light. What a joy it was to be free! Ah, liberté! But my joy was shortlived. Strong windgusts tossed me about, and big birds screeched at me, thinking I was their next meal. My wings began to hurt, and I was hungry. I found refuge in a tree, where I spent the night, but none of the little birds I saw wanted to have anything to do with me. They were probably jealous of my beautiful colors.

The next day, I ventured out again. I was getting weak with hunger and beginning to fear that I would never see another piece of birdseed again, when suddenly I saw the strangest thing down below. It was a giant seed dish, but instead of being in a cage, it just magically hung in the open air. Little brown birds were eating out of it, and none of the big scary birds were in sight. There was a human sitting close by, but he did not bother the birds, and they did not seem scared of him, so I decided to try to make a landing.

Alas, the wind picked up and tossed me about like a bunch of molted feathers. I landed alright, but nowhere close to the food. I found myself on top of one of those big boxes the humans call houses. My feathers were tattered, my wings hurt, and I did not know how to get to the food. I seriously doubted I would be able to fly much farther, and I was in plain sight for all those big screaming birds, who were sure to come looking for me soon. Where would I find food and shelter?

Oh no, the Tall One is coming, I need to log off and return to the cage! I will finish my tale as soon as she leaves, I promise!

The Cockatiel

Mes amis,

By now you are probably wondering what a cockatiel is. Naturally, you already know that cockatiels are gorgeous birds who sing beautifully. We can fly very well, too, and we are extremely intelligent.

We love to eat birdseed, but also other foods. My personal favorites are millet spray and wheat bread with seeds on it. Miss Prissy will try anything the Tall One puts in our cage, including strange orange and green things that she calls carrots and lettuce, but I don't trust her that much. If it does not include seeds, I'm suspicious of it.

Since we are so smart, we need challenging activities to occupy our time. Personally, I love rope toys and paper to shred.

But you don't need to just take my word for it. Some guy named Dr. Jungle wrote a nice article about us cockatiels. Just disregard the part on clipping our wings! Here is the link:
He says: "Cockatiels are about as close to the perfect pet as you can get." Need I say more?


Friday, January 5, 2007

Miss Prissy

It is nice to finally have an intelligent, if somewhat one-sided, conversation! I am sure you feel the same way. Spending most of the day in my cage gets boring, and my everyday companions are a few seeds short of a full dish, if you know what I mean.

The Tall One doesn't really count, anyway. Sure, she feeds us and keeps us warm and entertained, but let's get real, she's just doing her job. She doesn't even do it well; she's gone most of the day.

Miss Prissy is much better company in that regard. She sticks around all the time. Sometimes a little too much, if you ask me, but she knows to back off when I hiss at her. She's stunningly beautiful, as you can tell from her picture, even though she can't sing; she screams like an off-key train whistle. That's okay, though, because I sing well enough for both of us. As a matter of fact, I could have become an opera singer. Miss Prissy doesn't quite appreciate it due to the fact that she's tone deaf, but at least she values my company. I think she realizes how lucky she was to join a handsome cagemate like me instead of being stuck in the cage with half a dozen other birds. The Cool One suggested to the Tall One that I should have a nice girlfriend, and luckily, she finally listened and got Miss Prissy for me.

Life has become a whole lot less boring since my fine-feathered friend moved in. I have somebody to preen and to peck at, and if I get really bored, I chase her around the cage a few times. She tends to be forgetful, and so she does not hold any grudges against me. Sometimes she looks at me with a far away look, as if she was trying to remember who I am.

Actually, she does that a lot. She is good company, but I can't have sophisticated discussions with her.
Which is why I am here, and I am sure you have a similar reason!


Tuesday, January 2, 2007

From the Cage to the Web

The Tall One does not realize I know how to get out of the cage. Silly human, expecting a highly intelligent bird like me to let a few bars stop me. And then she just leaves the computer running, right on the desk next to my cage. Oh, how easy it is to walk along the shelf and then just hop onto the touchpad! She'd never guess I've figured out how to work this thing. Well, what does she expect!? I've watched her using it long enough. The keys are just the right size for a tiel's beak, and while I was sitting on her shoulder, innocently preening her hair, I watched her enter all her passwords.

Yeah, you should never underestimate J. L. LeMone! I logged into her account and invited myself to gmail! From there, it was easy to set up my own account and then my blog. A great mind like mine should not be confined to the cage, and thanks to the internet, I am able to tell you what the world is really like. Of course, you made the right choice by reading my blog!

I hear the Tall One's car pulling up, so I have to go. Au revoir!