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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Return of the Tall One

I think the Tall One realized I was mad at her, because she came home at lunch time. She made herself some of that liquid stuff that she calls soup, with little things floating in it just like when Miss Prissy drops our food into our water dish. (I can't stand it when my feathered friend does that, and I chirp for the Tall One to change the water.)

Anyway, the soup did not look appetizing to me, but I still chirped at the Tall One to give me food. Not that I was really hungry; I just felt like a snack. She gave me a piece of banana. Now, I like the taste, because that's the flavor of my calciumm perch, but the fruit itself is way too soft. I tried it, but it was not crunchy, so I left it alone. If she figured out a way to make a banana crunchy, I would try it alright, but not if it is soft.

Miss Prissy didn't even bother to try it, even though she is usually obsessed with anything edible. She was so happy our human was home that she flew on the Tall One's head right away and climbed down on her shoulder. Since I had nothing better to do, I abandoned the banana and landed on the Tall One's head, too, and preened her hair while Miss Prissy got the human's shirt dirty in a matter of seconds. I think the Tall One felt better, though; I'm sure she did not mind changing clothes. She has so many, more than I have feathers... Then she went off again to the place called work, and I returned to the computer to do some more tiel research for you.

Oh no, gotta go!


T-man said...

Ooh, I hope your Tall One feels better soon.

CC-man doesn't like banana, but he's crazy about the peel. He likes to chew the little white stuff on the inside. If Mom puts the peel on his cage, he talks and sings to it, and turns his head sideways to look at it. Maybe he thinks the peel is a female cockatiel (hee hee!)


J. L. LeMone said...

The peel? Now there is an idea! Maybe I can get ahold of some of it while the Tall One is eating a banana.

I don't think CC-man is confusing it with a female feathered friend, but he's probably practicing, just in case one should show up. I used to do that all the time in front of my mirror, and once Miss Prissy showed up, I was ready to impress her with my beautiful singing.

Too bad she's tone-deaf.

J. L. LeMone