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Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cool Link: National Geographic

Since you are a faithful reader of my blog, and since we cockatiels are beautiful winged creatures, you are obviously interested in the beauty of nature. One site that gives you information, pictures, and even videos of many creatures and places in the world is the National Geographic web site. If you click on "Animals" and then on "Birds", you can see pictures and read articles about many of my fine feathered relatives who live in the wild.

Since it has a Photo of the Day and a Daily News section that is updated frequently, I am going to put the link under "Daily Diversions" as well so you can visit it daily if you like. The site also features a Place of the Week, free newsletters, educational games for children, information for educators, wallpapers, soundfiles of world music, maps, and much more.

Have fun!

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