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Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Tall One

Salut! I know you have been checking the site several times a day, awaiting the third part of my tale, but remember, good things are worth waiting for. Finalement, I am able to continue.

Suddenly, another person arrived. This one was taller than the Cool One, and I glared at her suspiciously. I had been perfectly happy around the Cool One, and there was no need for another human. They talked for a while, and she could not keep her eyes off me. I knew I was very good-looking, but still, I wished she would leave.

My wish came true, but not the way I had hoped. She left alright, but she took me with her! I hissed a few times, but it did not do any good. I hoped the Cool One would do something about the situation, but he did not seem to realize that I was being kidnapped. Before I knew it, I was in a big moving box, and after a few minutes, I was being carried into another house. The Tall One set my cage onto a table and talked to me. I think she was trying to make me think she was my friend, but I did not fall for it. I hissed at her and climbed around the small cage, trying to get out. Once again, I was trapped.

The next day, the Tall One changed my water and gave me more food. She talked to me, but I just gave her dirty looks. I hoped she would give me back to the Cool One, but when she finally left, she did not take me with her. Maybe she had gone to get him.

When she returned, the Cool One did not come with her. But she did bring something. For the first time, my curiosity got the better of me, and I whistled in appreciation. It was a large white cage! It looked a lot like the one I used to have, but it was much nicer. She did not let me have it right away, though. She took things out and washed it and put things in. I screamed at her to let me in the new cage, but it took her a long time to listen. Finally, she tried to get me out of my small cage, but I bit her. She retreated, but not for long. She put on some thick gloves and picked me up. I protested, but since she set me into the nice big cage, I was not quite that angry anymore and set out to explore my new surroundings.

The Tall One obviously realized how wonderful it was to have me around. She fed me, gave me water, and, most importantly, talked to me a lot. I did not allow her to touch my cage, but I have to say that I enjoyed whistling and hearing her whistle back. She would open my cage and let me climb on top. Most importantly, the Cool One came to visit often and played with me. Everything was turning out alright. Finally I was appreciated for my beauty and personality.

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