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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Honey Treat

Bonsoir, mes amis!

Well, the Tall One must have realized she offended me, because she is trying to make amends. She came home with one of those yummy honey treats that have lots of different seeds and other good stuff in them. Of course, I can't be easily bribed into forgiveness, especially since she did not formally apologize, so I just ignored her and the treat for a few minutes.

But I understood what she was trying to say, and besides, the treat looked really good and I was craving a snack, so I went over there and started eating. Miss Prissy joined me, too, but she would have eaten either way. She probably does not even remember how rudely the Tall One treated us.

Anyway, I am not angry at the Tall One anymore, but that does not mean that I have forgotten what she did. Knowing her, she will probably do it again very soon, and she'll have to apologize all over again. I just wish she would learn from her mistakes and treat me with the respect I deserve.


CC-man said...

Do you share a cage with Miss Prissy? I would chomp anyone who tried to live in my cage!

That honey snack sounds good. I have a treat stick in my cage too next to my banana perch. I was sitting on it tonight eating the seed stick..yumm!!


J. L. LeMone said...

Yes, aren't they good? I don't understand why the humans even bother to put anything in our dishes. I'd be perfectly happy just with honey treats, millet spray, and an occasional piece of bread.

I always thought I would never want to share my cage with anyone; I don't even like it when the Tall One touches it, even though she's the one who brought it to me. Actually, the Tall One wanted to get a separate cage for me, but the Cool One told her that Miss Prissy and I would be fine in the same cage. Sure enough, he was right.

As soon as I saw Miss Prissy with her beautiful orange cheeks and sprinkled wings, I was happpy to share. It's worked out very well. She usually does what I want. Every now and then we engage in some beaksparring, but it's never serious. I'm glad I'm not alone all day long any more.