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Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Cool One

Finally, the Tall One has left! Now, to continue my tale...

I was sitting on the rooftop, exhausted, not knowing what to do, hoping for some kind of rescue, when suddenly, I heard whistling. I looked down on the ground and located the source of the friendly sounds. It was the human I had seen sitting close to the birdfeeder before the gusts of wind prevented my safe landing. He was standing on the ground, looking at me. I had never met a human before who whistled fluent Cockatiel, so I carefully walked down the slanted roof to get a better look. In my experience, people were the ones who had access to the birdseed, and since I had seen this one close to the feeder, I figured he might be able to give me some food.

When I heard the big birds screaming in the distance, my mind was made up. I could not last much longer on my own, and I had to have a person to feed me. I did not like my previous humans, but this one certainly paid more attention to me already than all the others ever had, so I fluttered down from the roof to a big thing the humans called truck, right next to the human. He kept whistling at me and, with a firm but gentle motion, picked me up. For a moment, I regretted my decision, but once I found myself in a small cage with a full dish of birdseed and with fresh water, I was relieved. I gulped down the seeds as if I had not eaten in weeks. Freedom had not been as good as I had expected, and being in a cage certainly had its advantages.

This human was very cool, I decided. He knew exactly what a cockatiel wanted. Food, water, a safe cage, and good company. I liked the way he whistled to me, and I looked forward to spending lots of time with him.

Just as I was beginning to preen my pretty feathers, content to have found a new, and better, home, however, my fate changed again.

I have to go again. À bientôt!

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