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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Hike Cut Short

I'm not happy with the Tall One. She tries to boss me around, even though I am the boss! Miss Prissy and I were hiking along the shelf to the wall. After being in the cage most of the day, it was nice to go for a little walk.

I felt like chewing at something, so I went to the gray rubbery thing that comes out of the wall. But before I could even open my beak, the Tall One came and told me not to. Well, I didn't want to upset her, so I took a few steps back. I figured she would not pay attention for too long, since she had been playing with my computer. (I hope she does not come across my blog, but I really don't think she's smart enough). As soon as I was back at the wall, though, she came all the way over again.

She knows to leave me alone, but she picked up Miss Prissy. Now, being the gentleman that I am, I could not allow my companion to be carried away, so I stepped on the Tall One's hand to go along for the ride. I bit her hand to let her know I did not appreciate our hike being cut short, but she must be getting used to it by now, because she did not even flinch. She put us back in the cage. I was so mad that I almost broke out, but then she would know that I know how to get out of the cage, and I can't let that happen. So I hissed at her a few times and screeched in protest. I'll have to let it be at that.

Now, I usually like the Tall One alright, and I know she just adores me. I have to remind myself that it's not her fault that she's not as intelligent as I am. I only wish she were not so stubborn. She really needs obedience training!

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CC-man said...

Oh, don't you hate when your plans get interrupted? When I want to do something, I get it in my head to finish and keep trying over and over. My pesky mom keeps stopping me. She needs to find some hobbies so I can finish my chewing work!