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Friday, January 12, 2007

The Happy Cockatiel

Écoutez, s'il vous plaît!

Here is a very cool website that will keep us cockatiels entertained quite a while:

It's very aptly named "The Happy Cockatiel", because it contains a selection of "music for, about, and by cockatiels". Different cockatiels sing along as their human accompanies them on his instruments. Of course, they don't sing quite as pretty as I do, but this should hold you over until I get a recording contract and the Tall One finally learns to play her guitar properly.

If your humans are gone all day long and you don't have any cockatiel companions, this site is definitely for you, and if you have plenty of company, you can use it for music at your cockatiel parties. You can even download the music as MP3s onto your own computer (or, like me, on your human's computer), and it does not cost you a single piece of birdseed! My favorite is, of course, "The Happy Cockatiel", and even Miss Prissy, who can't carry a tune in a seed dish, perked up when "Newton's Song" came on. The Tall One, of course, likes "Lend Me A Bird", since she is borrowing me from the Cool One.


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