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Monday, January 15, 2007

A Cool Visit

I've been chirping happily for the last few minutes. The Cool One came over and played with me! He cupped his hand so I could take a little nap in it, and he held me upside down! I like seeing the world from that perspective, like a bat!

Then he fixed my banana perch. It's that yummy calcium stuff that smells like bananas, and since I've been bored all day long, I just chipped away on it until it was hanging down. It got all wobbly, and I didn't like it anymore. The Cool One took it out of the cage and evened it out with that sharp thing he carries in his pocket, and then he put it back on the cage bars. Now it's not unstable anymore, and I can start chipping away on it again.

I don't think the Tall One would be able to fix it, so she will have to talk to him on that silly flat pink thing she holds to her ear. It's very strange, because I can hear his voice through it, even though he's not here, but it works. She talks to him, and after a while, he comes over. It works every time. Well, almost. Anyway, if she tells him she needs help fixing that thing, I'll get to see him right away. Let's see, if I get to work on it right now, he should be back by tomorrow night.

Gotta go, I have some chewing to do...


CC-man said...

Ooh, I would never let anyone hold me that way!! That looks scary. I'd start screaming and fussing!!

Hey, I have a banana calcium perch too! I got it for Christmas. I've only pecked on it a few times.


J. L. LeMone said...

Well, I would never let the Tall One hold me like that (not that she hasn't tried), or anyone else, for that matter. The Cool One understands me, and besides, he's the one who rescued me. It's fun, actually.

You should try the perch again, CC-man. The banana flavor is yummy!

J. L. LeMone