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Tuesday, January 2, 2007

From the Cage to the Web

The Tall One does not realize I know how to get out of the cage. Silly human, expecting a highly intelligent bird like me to let a few bars stop me. And then she just leaves the computer running, right on the desk next to my cage. Oh, how easy it is to walk along the shelf and then just hop onto the touchpad! She'd never guess I've figured out how to work this thing. Well, what does she expect!? I've watched her using it long enough. The keys are just the right size for a tiel's beak, and while I was sitting on her shoulder, innocently preening her hair, I watched her enter all her passwords.

Yeah, you should never underestimate J. L. LeMone! I logged into her account and invited myself to gmail! From there, it was easy to set up my own account and then my blog. A great mind like mine should not be confined to the cage, and thanks to the internet, I am able to tell you what the world is really like. Of course, you made the right choice by reading my blog!

I hear the Tall One's car pulling up, so I have to go. Au revoir!

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