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Sunday, January 21, 2007

The Rescue

You can say all kinds of bad things about the Tall One, and most of it is probably true, but when things go wrong, you can count on her to come to the rescue. Today, Miss Prissy and I climbed down to the ledge behind the cage. We do that all the time. It's fun to peck at the cage from the outside and to eat some of the birdseed that has fallen back there.

Miss Prissy was trying to reach one of those black rubbery things that are hanging down a short distance away. I could have told her that the Tall One has them too far away for us to reach, but I think she is near-sighted, because she actually thought it might be possible! So she stretched out her neck, trying to reach it, when she fell behind the cabinet!

Luckily, the Tall One left a lot of space between the cabinet and the wall, so Miss Prissy fell safely to the floor, trying to flutter her pretty wings, but then she was stuck there. I screamed as loud as I could to alert the Tall One, and then I realized that she was already standing right next to the cage. She moved some things to be able to reach into that space and get Miss Prissy out. She set her on the cage as if it was nothing, and she talked to us for a long time. I think she was telling us not to worry. Still, I found it distressing, so I was glad when she put us back in the cage, right by the food dish.

It's good to have a human to help out in case of trouble, even if that human is far from perfect.


Willow said...

Oh dear, that is something to worry about. That happened to me when I was a baby and couldn't fly very well. I fell behind a radiator! I'm glad Miss Prissy is ok.

T-man said...

That's so heroic of you to scream for help at the right moment! Good thing your Tall One was nearby. I'm sure you could've found a way to rescue Miss Prissy yourself though. You seem really smart!!


J. L. LeMone said...


Yes, that's true. I figured that I might as well put my human to good use, but of course I could have gotten Miss Prissy out of there myself.


Oh no, a radiator is much more dangerous than the wide space behind out cabinet. Who rescued you when that happened? Do you own a human, too?