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Sunday, January 28, 2007

The Cage Cleaning Ordeal

There is one thing I hate almost as much as bathing, and that's when the Tall One gets into her cage cleaning moods. As usual, she was very sneaky about it, opening the cage door and then waiting until both Miss Prissy and I took a break from sitting on the boring pink things. As soon as we strolled on top of the cage, she started dismantling it, even taking the bottom off. At least she has given up on trying to stick us in the small cage she used to put us in at cage cleaning times; I guess my sharp beak got the message across after all. Instead, she put us on her shoulder, and after a while we flew off onto the bookshelf.

I don't think Miss Prissy knew what was going on, but I watched the Tall One as she took our beautiful cage apart and scrubbed it down. Now, I like a clean cage as much as the next tiel, but did she have to do this today? It's not like we haven't had an exciting enough week already! The pink things, the boiler, and now this? To let her know how I felt about it, I shredded the magazines on the shelf, and after that, I felt better.

After a while, she brought the top of the cage back, and she let us sit on it while she got the other parts ready. When she finally assembled everything, it was squeaky clean, we had fresh water and birdseed, and she had even put some newspaper underneath the cage that I started shredding right after having some food, since she did not bother to close the cage door yet.

The day's excitements were still not over; suddenly, I slipped on the newspaper and fell behind the cabinet, just like Miss Prissy did the other day. Of course, it was not my fault, but the Tall One's. Unlike Miss Prissy, I am not prone to panic. I did not flutter my pretty wings so I would not hurt them, I simply chirped for the Tall One to get me, and she did. Of course, I was undaunted by the adventure and kept on shredding, until it occurred to me that the cage looked different than before.

So I climbed back inside, and I inspected the place. A few of the toys were missing, but that was not the most alarming part. The pink things were gone, too! Now, I had given up on the Tall One taking care of the things, and, to be honest, I had gotten used to them. Why did she take them away now? Miss Prissy, of course, did not even notice they were gone, but if I remember correctly, two or three more of those things should show up soon anyway.

If she is going to take our toys away, I might as well preen my pretty feathers while I am waiting...

... and do some stretching exercises...

... while Miss Prissy is totally oblivious to the fact that the Tall One is rearranging all our cage furniture.

What have you done with the pink things, human? We left them right here. Miss Prissy, our pink things are gone!

What pink things? I don't remember any pink things. Hmmm, that bird seed is yummy!


CC-man said...

Hee hee, I got a cage cleaning too yesterday. Mom takes my cage in the shower. I sit on my playgym till she's done.

Of course, I've made sure to poop on it since then, and drop lots of crumbs around it. I want it to feel like home again!


J. L. LeMone said...

Yes, Miss Prissy and I have been throwing birdseed around, too. If the cage is too clean, it's not really our cage!