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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Time Together

I really like the pretty cockatiel girl, now that she is not preoccupied with the pink things anymore. I like her name, too: Miss Prissy. She has been paying attention to me the last couple of days, which makes me really happy. The Cool One put us both on top of her cage so we could share some millet spray, and she was very friendly. She did not try to bite or chase me at all.

Later, she flew onto my cage with me, and when the Cool One put both of us in there, I invited her to dinner at my food dish, and she graciously accepted. She has been staying in my cage a lot, and I am so happy that I do not want to leave it, even when the Cool One comes to play with us. I hope we will continue to get along really well.


T-man said...

I'm sure Miss Prissy is really glad to have you around. It sounds like she's warming up to you nicely. I'm sure you'll be great friends soon.

triple Bs said...

That's so great that you two are getting along now.