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Monday, June 18, 2007

The Cool One's Memories of J.L. LeMone

J.L.'s special friend, the Cool One, posted this tribute under "Comments" on June 14. Miss Prissy and I decided it should be a separate blog entry on the front page to honor J.L. Below is a picture of the Cool One holding J.L.

My really good friend, the Tall One, lost her best friend of seven years today. Today she came home and found her cockatiel J.L. at the bottom of his cage. He had passed away. She had called me and I came over and he apparently passed away in his sleep.

Just hours earlier, we had went to lunch and she said he was doing fine when she left her apartment and there was never no sign of any problems because he was acting and chirping like he normally did. We really never knew the age of J.L., but at the time, we knew that he was at least five years old, of course, that was just speculation.

Seven years ago, I was sitting in my back yard on a windy April day, when I saw something fly over my head as I was sitting under the backyard patio. I thought it was a piece of a newspaper, but then it landed on the neighbor's roof crest and that's when I realized it was a cockatiel. I had walked to my fence and whistled to him, he walked down the roof casually and then that's when he flew and landed on my dad's truck that was parked in the driveway, from there I approached him and that's when he stepped on my finger and the rest was history. That's when I decided that the Tall One should have him, she thought the world of him and him likewise.

She was very excited about her newfound friend. Some time later she got J. L. LeMone a partner, whom she named Miss Prissy. The Tall One was very fond and dedicated to him. J. L. LeMone will be sorely missed by The Tall One and Miss Prissy.J. L. will never be forgotten.

The Cool One


T-man said...

You had a really special bond with J.L. if he allowed you to hold him like that. CC-man never allows Mom to hold him -- he will only perch on her finger and allow her to scratch his head. Maybe J.L. sensed you have a kind spirit, that's why he was attracted to you!


Bibbie said...

Oh dear, it is sad about JL. You will always miss him - but you are all getting to know Carrera. He has a wonderful singing name, doesn't he?

I hope you are all feeling better and less sad now as your family changes a little.