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Sunday, June 24, 2007

TV Time!

The Tall One left with her blue boxes on wheels. Just like she said, she left Miss Prissy and me in the nice, bright apartment so I could enjoy the sunlight and look out of the window. She had filled up our food and water dishes all the way, so I expected that we would be all alone until the food was almost gone! To my surprise, the Cool One came by very soon after the Tall One's departure, not only once, but twice, to check if we were okay and to play with us!

Miss Prissy did not feel much like having company, but I was happy. The Cool One played with me and made that talking picture box called a TV turn on. I climbed around on him until I got a good viewing spot, and we watched TV together. It's really cool, because there is lots of movement to watch and all kinds of cool noises to listen to! I love TV. I have never seen a TV before until I moved in here. I'm looking forward to watching TV every day with the Cool One!


CC-man said...

Ooh, I wish I had a Cool One to stop by and keep me company during the day! Where can I find a Cool One?

My mom is mean and leaves me alone ALL day. She does leave the radio on though, and sometimes comes home for lunch to visit me. But she's still mean!

Carrera said...

I'm not sure where to get a Cool One, CC-man. He was already around when I moved in. I don't really know why the humans leave instead of staying home. The Tall One is visiting family, but they can't all be visiting family all the time, can they?