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Friday, July 6, 2007

Cage, Sweet Cage

I really love my cage, and now that Miss Prissy shares it with me, I don´t really want to leave it. The Cool One comes to spend time with us, and I enjoy riding on his shoulder, but after a while I want to get back to my nice home. It is so much nicer than the old one I used to live in, and the food dish is huge! The Cool One makes sure the dish is always filled, and he gives us treats, too. It is so nice to have a good home, a nice human around, and a beautiful cockatiel lady nearby. Not to mention all the sunshine we get! I´m so happy, I sing a lot. I hope Miss Prissy enjoys it.


CC-man said...

I hope you had a good fourth of July, Carrera! I like my cage too. Mom says it's like my room cause I feel the most secure there and just like to hang out in it.


Sharon said...

Mooky likes his cage too but he for the most part he's out on his perch. Sometimes in the middle of the day he'll fly to his cage and just sit in the doorway for hours. I think it's a place he feels safe and secure or maybe just a place to retreat to so he can relax.

David said...

I am sorry you lost your male Tiel. I have two trained 10 months old and 10 yrs trained Talkers Cockatiel' .I am very sorry your bird passed away .. I found your blog looking for what to do with 3 24 day old rambuncous babies to keep them busy..Cya David

Bird Cages said...

Glad he likes his bird cage.