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Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Arrival of More Pink Things

My unlucky streak does not seem to end. Now that the Tall One is finally back to normal, Miss Prissy is in her own world. She is sitting on pink things again. At last count, there were two, but I don't know how many are under there by now. She is no fun at all. She is fluffed up like a pancake at the bottom of the cage, and she gives me a dirty look whenever I come close. It's almost like being all by myself again. I hope the pink things quit coming really soon. I'm really tired of them.

The Tall One told me that she is done with the work thing for a while, and that she will be spending more time with me in the next few weeks. I'm glad. She needs to stay home with me all the time instead of going to work. Maybe she can do something about the invasion of the pink things. Most importantly, she will probably keep out the computer all the time so I can keep blogging.

1 comment:

T-man said...

JL, do you ever like to sit on eggs too? Sometimes CC-man will find some marbles and sit on those thinking they're eggs. He fluffs up and gets crabby if anyone comes near.