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Thursday, June 21, 2007


I figured the pretty cockatiel girl had some time to cool off, and since the Tall One had left my cage door open, I decided to pay a visit. I flew over and landed on the side of Miss Prissy's cage; then I climbed up to its top. She gave me a dirty look from her seat on the eggs below, but at least she did not chase me this time. Maybe she is getting used to me. I hope my pretty singing will make a difference.

After a while, I flew around and landed on the top of a picture frame. The Tall One came right away and got me. She is so nice. She does not leave me stuck in a place; she helps me out, and she does not scold me. She put me on her shoulder, and I climbed on the top of her head. I like to play with her curly hair. It's fun to stick my head in it and sort her hair with my beak. She likes when I do that. She told me J.L. used to do that a lot, and it makes her feel better. I think we will get along really well!


CC-man said...

It sounds like you're getting more adventurous, which means you're more comfortable in your surroundings. That would be kind of weird having to sit on a picture frame though. Your Tall One was nice to rescue you.

When Mom got me as a baby, she keep a journal of all the cute things I did everyday and all the progress I made, like the first day I ate broccoli, or the first day I climbed on her shoulder, or got my head scratched. Maybe you'd like your head scratched too. It's the ultimate! It sounds like you might be ready for that soon :)


triple Bs said...

Hey Carrera, I'm so glad that you are liking your new home and getting along well with the Tall One. Miss Prissy will be better when she is done with her eggs. Birds are funny that way. It's nice to check is and find out your new name and see that everything is going well for you. Congrats everyone!

Sharon said...

Give her time she'll warm up to you! Soon the 2 of you will be friends.