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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

News from Carrera

My life has become so exciting! Something new is going on all the time. I noticed today that the Tal One was moving about the apartment a lot and putting soft things she calls clothes into big blue boxes with wheels. She noticed I was wondering about that, and she sat down with me and explained that she will have to be gone for a while. She is from a place called Europe, and she needs to go there to see her family, for a big celebration called a wedding.

She explained that they make different sounds in that place when they talk, and that she will also spend a few weeks helping a group of young humans from America to get to know the place and learn to make those sounds. I got all excited, because I want to learn to say people sounds, and I did not know there were different kinds. I wanted to come along and learn the different sounds, too, but she said she could just teach them to me here when she got back. I am looking forward to that!

At first, I was afraid she would take me back to that dark basement, but she said she loved me very much already, and she would never put Miss Prissy or me into a dark place. She said we would stay right here in the apartment, and the Cool One would come by every day to feed us and play with us. That made me very happy. I like the Cool One a lot. He plays with me and holds me. I know he won't just fill the dish and leave me like the human in my old place. We'll be spending some fun time together every day, and I will have lots of sunshine in the apartment. I won't have to leave my new cage with the fun toys and food, either!

How nice of the Tall One to ask him to look after us, and how nice of the Cool One to agree! I am looking forward to getting to know him better. He is so nice! The Tall One said she was going to take her laptop with her, but that we could use her old computer to blog if we wanted to. And she said she would be spending a lot of time with me once she got back and teach me to say people sounds. I'm going to have such an exciting time here!


T-man said...

Ooh, you're going to miss your Tall One when she's gone! I hope you'll still be able to blog. Maybe the Cool One will turn on the computer for you. He sounds very nice to take care of you two everyday.

I wonder what funny talking sounds your Tall One makes over in Europe. Maybe it's like the funny sounds CC-man makes that I can barely understand. Maybe you can learn from her and teach me so I can make those sounds too!


The Tall One said...

Hi T-Man! I think my new feathered friend understood the main idea of what I was trying to tell him, but this is all new to him, so I'm not sure how well our readers understood it.

I am a foreign language teacher for young humans, and I was asked to help chaperone and teach a group of exchange students in Germany. The sounds they are trying to make are called German.

I want to take my own students with the same program next year, so I decided to try it out this year. Since I don't have wings, the fact that the organizers will pay half of my flight is very nice. Of course, I'm also looking forward to seeing my family.

I will miss the birds very much, though. I wish I could take them along! I'm sure they will enjoy the time with the Cool One, though; J.L. always looked forward to it. I used to joke that he wanted me to be gone all summer so the Cool One could stay even longer! Of course, it was all in good fun; J.L. liked the daily visits with the Cool One, but he was also happy when I was back.

By the time I get back, Carrera might already have learned to say some English words from the Cool One. (English is the language your mom uses to speak to you, T-Man.) I'll teach him some German, and probably some French and Spanish, too. I just hope he does not pick up any bad words!!!

T-man said...

Ooh, I've never heard that German talk. Mom says she thinks it's a difficult language to learn. I'm still trying to figure out some of the English words Mom uses like "sit", "stay", "no". They don't make any sense to me when she uses them!

Wow, going to Germany sounds really exciting. My mom has never been there. That should be a fun trip teaching the exchange students about your home country.

Your Cool One sounds very kind indeed to visit and play with you everyday. You are lucky to have him around to help.

I bet you'll be talking and whistling in no time. CC-man learned how to wolf whistle right away. Then he learned "give your mommie kiss", then "eat your spaghetti". His favorite thing to say is "take a bath". He only talks about the things he likes :)