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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Introducing Carrera

I would like to introduce the new member of our little flock: Carrera the Cockatiel.

Carrera is a 15-month-old pied cockatiel. He flies as fast as a race car and sings as beautifully as an opera singer. For the past year, he spent his time in a basement room with one cockatiel buddy, away from high traffic or family areas.

He loves his new home, especially the sunlight. Every morning, he greets the rising sun with a beautiful song. He likes to look out of the window at trees, birds, dogs, and people, and he chirps when he hears other birds singing outside. Carrera is a quick learner who likes to try new things out right away. He especially loves millet spray and honey treats, which seem to be new to him, and he shows great interest in the telephone, the TV, and the computer.

Carrera likes to make new friends. He loves to sit on the Cool One's finger, and he enjoys sitting on my shoulder. He will make a great addition to the family and Tiel Weekly. Welcome, Carrera!


T-man said...

Carrera is such a cool name! It sounds like he just wants to make up for all the fun he missed before. He's very handsome. I'm sure Miss Prissy thinks so too!


Darwin the Dusky Conure said...

It’s nice to meet you, Carrera! You have found yourself a wonderful home.

I am sorry to have neglected my reading during the past week, while preparing for my move. This is the first I’ve learned of the passing of J. L. He was a smart, distinguished old bird with lots of interesting things to say.

My sincere condolences to Miss Prissy, the Tall One, and the Cool One. Thank you for inviting into your lives another tiel in need. You have good hearts—may they mend fully and soon.

Darwin the Dusky Conure said...

P.S. Thank you for adding my blog to your list! That’s very sweet, and I’m tickled to have made some new friends. I’ve linked back to Tiel Weekly as part of my favorite “Flocky Stuff” at Darwin’s Quill. Take care, and I definitely look forward to reading more posts from all of you.

Andrea said...

Nice to meet you Carrera and welcome to your new home! You are very handsome... Jackie believes it too... Hugs from Brazil

Two Pis and a Poi said...

Carrera is beautiful! Welcome, sweet baby!