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Sunday, June 17, 2007

T-Man's Tribute to J.L. LeMone

Our friends, T-Man the Poodle, CC-Man the Cockatiel, and their Mom posted a very nice tribute to J.L. on their blog, Precious Poodle. Thank you so much, dear friends, for remembering J.L.


T-man said...

We just feel so bad that you had to experience the loss of your good friend. We're glad our little tribute helped you feel a bit better.

It may take a while to stop feeling sad, though having a new birdie in the house may help ease your grief a bit. My mom lost her first cockatiel, Birdie, several years ago and was devastated. She soon adopted another tiel called Bobbie (who I call CC-man). While CC-man didn't replace Birdie, his antics made her smile and eventually be happy again. Now she's extra happy because she's got me too :)

triple Bs said...

We know it's hard to lose a beloved bird. We have lost 3 of them over the years and we still miss them all. Andre died this past year on christmas day. We know they are flying free in heaven and they are probably talking to JL right now. We just want to reach out to you in your sorrow and offer our heartfelt sympathy.