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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Tales of the Tall One

Mes amis,

I am so happy to finally be able to post again! I apologize for the long absence, which, of course, was not my fault. You guessed it. As usual, the Tall One is to blame.

Just a little while aftr she got back from the trip, she got very sick. First, she had a bad allergic reaction, and right after she got better, she caught a cold, and her asthma got so bad that she had to go to the doctor many times and take lots of medication.

At first, I was happy when she had to stay home, but she just slept or sat on the couch, and she did not even have the computer out. Usually, she is obsessed with it and leaves it on all the time, but she had put it away, and there was no way for me to get to it. I was really upset, because I know all of you were waiting for my posts, but she barely responded to my chirps at all. I guess I should be grateful that she even remembered to feed us and change our water, because she was very confused and lethargic. I just hope she did not forget to pay our bills!

All the cockatiel websites say how important it is to have proper medical care for your tiel, but they do not mention how fragile our humans are and how sick they can get. When I finally got back to the computer, I googled "asthma", and I found that it makes it hard for the human to breathe. They can even die from it when they don't get proper treatment. Here is a link with more information and additional links about the disease. My advice is to keep a close eye on your human and send him or her to the people doctor when they start feeling badly.


Sharon said...

Happy you're back and you'd better take good care of your human.

T-man said...

Ooh, I'm so glad to see you back online!! I'm sorry your Tall One was so sick though. That asthma sounds very dangerous. I'm sure you did a good job nursing her back to health.

Sandy said...

I will enjoy this blog because I have a tiel...Glad your human is better.

J. L. LeMone said...

Thank you, Sharon! I am definitely going to keep a better eye on my human. I had no idea they are so fragile! It's probably because they don't have feathers.

T-man, I'm glad to hear from you, too. I missed our conversations! See how inconsiderate that Tall One can be?

Welcome, Sandy! I'm glad you found my blog. What color is your tiel, and what's his name? Stop by again soon!