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Friday, April 27, 2007

Cockatoos in the Wild -- or Wild in Civilization

I found some more cool pictures on the Tall One's hard drive. These are cockatoos in a place called Middle Harbor, which is a part of Sydney. They fly around as they please, and they like to eat fruit from the trees and look for seeds on the ground. They are wild, but so used to people that the Tall One could get really close to take their picture.


T-man said...

Ooh that looks like fun for those birds being able to wander around by that lake. I bet they get lots of treats from the human visitors too!


Sharon said...

It must be wonderful seeing these animals roaming around freely and not caged up!

I like your blog & by the way I'm owned by an African Grey Parrot.

Bibbie said...

You saw my kith and kin! That's my family perhaps! They have a good life but have to live in trees and forage for food - gumnuts (seed pods on eucalypt trees, they are) and other grass seeds and things. We all love the grain the farmers spill on the ground too - we can clean up all their paddocks for him very quickly.

But my life in my cage is nice especially for me with no feathers. My food arrives in a dish, and things like fruit come too. There is TV to watch - oh, there are many compensations to being naked and unable to fly!

I hope my family was nice to your Tall One.

Bibbie - the naked sulphur crested cockatoo

J. L. LeMone said...

T-man, that's actually part of the ocean! It's one of the many bays that make up Sydney Harbour. People like to swim and surf there.

Hi Sharon! It's so nice that you stopped by! I like people who are owned by parrots. I like my big cousins, the African Grey Parrots, a lot. What is his name? Does he talk?

Bibbie, I was thinking of you when I saw those pictures. I think we both probably have a much better life than our free cousins. I'm sure they don't even know what the internet is!