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Friday, April 6, 2007

The Trip

I've finally found out what the Tall One is doing. I heard her discussing it with the Cool One on the phone. She is so fascinated by Miss Prissy and me that she is going on a trip to Australia, my ancestoral homeland, to research my relatives. The pink dress I saw is for her sister's wedding, who lives in Sydney; since she is there to look for birds anyway, I guess she will see her sister and her parents. The Cool One is coming over every day while she is gone to take care of us.

I'll be glad when he is. The Tall One has been staying up late and getting up early to put clothes in soft blue boxes with wheels, and trying to clean the apartment, without much success, in my opinion, but then I don't really care; as long as the cage is clean and the Cool One can find the birdseed, which is stacked right in front of my cage, I'm happy. I'm just afraid that she'll take the computer away while she's gone. If I can get the old computer to turn on and to get on the internet, I might be able to update my blog, even though it will be slow; if you don't hear from me, you'll know why. Luckily, she's only gone for a week and a half.


Bibbie said...

Oh Miss Prissy and JL - your Tall One is coming to my land! How good is that! But, I don't think your Tall One can fly, can she? And I can't because of not having feathers, so I doubt I can see her. I live in Melbourne, about 1000km or 600 miles away. It would be a long flight even for you two fully clad people!

I think you should put in orders for some nice new toys from Oz, that's what I think. However, you will probably find a better selection right back home where you are.

Now then, some important things for you to think about - just who is going to keep those food bowls topped up, and fresh water, whilst you are alone? I am sure there will be someone delegated to be kind to you. Maybe even sit and watch TV with you!

I enjoy watching TV with my Mum - Dog Angela sometimes watches too, but she usually just goes to sleep. Sometimes not even in the same room. A visitor asked Mum why the TV was turned on a funny angle so she watched it side on - she said "Well Bibbie can't see it if it round further, and he has made it quite clear he likes to watch". Yes. I am glad she got the message. I sit and chatter away, make my own comments, sing along and whistle a happy tune. I whistle better and more tunefully than my Mum - I will have to teach her, but fear she is a dreadfully slow learner. She is useless climbing the walls though sometimes she looks like she is ready to try... pretty smooth walls, no rungs like my house, probably not a good idea.

Ysterday I got a bit of cucumber skin. Mum had just picked it from the garden and peeled it - she had the inside and I got the nice green outside - gee it was yummy. I now eat apple, pear, raw rhubarb, spinach and lettuce and have considered briedly raw pumpkin carrot and zucchini. Also tomato, banana and corn. I found the corn too hard but now my beak is shorter, I would like to try again. Mum said there is no more corn growing in the garden, so there is only frozen corn available which I would not like. Well, go buy some, I said. It has not turned up yet. As I said, she is SLOW and talks about payday whatever that is.

Well Tiels, I had better sign off for a bit - this typing does make me tired and it is late. I look forward to hearing about your Tall One's trip! I hope the wedding of her sister goes well too. I get to see a sort of sister soon I believe, too - she set up this blog for me and lives in England - she is visiting later in April. I don't think we look much alike actually but you never know. Do you look your Tall One's sister?

Bye for a while


Bibbie said...

Oh I forgot to say - my sister who set up this blog for me and does the technical stuff has added a link on my blog to your blog - It will make it easier for all our frineds to hear our latest news!


T-man said...

Oh, we're going to miss your posts while your Tall One is gone (unless you can find the computer!). I hope your Tall One can find some wild cockatiels and take their pictures. It's lucky her sister decided to get married the same time your Tall One decided to do her bird research. That timing worked out well!! :) Wish her a good trip!!

T-man & CC-man

PS: Maybe you should ask the Cool One to sit with you and keep you company. CC-man often doesn't eat when Mom goes away unless someone keeps him company.

Wander said...

Hey JL, could you please pass a message on to the Tall One. I am awarding y'all the Thinking Blogger Award and you can check out my post at http://wandersworld.hourleafhosting.com later today

Darwin said...

J. L., I’ve really missed your blog entries. Did the Tall One have a nice trip? Hopefully she did not break your computer!