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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Cockatiel News

That Tall One is completely crazy! She took over 1000 pictures! It will take me forever to look through all of them! I did find a cockatiel picture, though. I heard her telling the Cool One that she took it at the zoo, where the cockatiels were displayed as pets in the children's exhibit.
I was surprised that they were not with the wild birds, and I was disappointed that the Tall One did not see any in the wild. Then I heard her telling the Cool One that she went to a bird show at the zoo and asked the zookeeper about the tiels. He said that they travel in flocks all over the place, and that they don't have any predictable patterns of where they will be at any given time. Some people go looking for them for months and never see them, and others just come upon them unexpectedly.
Thinking about it, that's no surprise. We cockatiels are very smart, and so we are unpredictable. Of course, we like it that way...

1 comment:

T-man said...

Ooh, that's so interesting. I thought cockatiels would be seen all over the countryside. I guess they are pretty crafty. I'm surprised you couldn't hear their yelling considering how loud CC-man is.