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Saturday, March 17, 2007

Saturday Snoozing

The weekend started very nicely. The Tall One is staying home so far, which is very good. She let us out, and Miss Prissy flew onto her head right away. The Tall One knows to get Miss Prissy down from there immediately and put her on her shoulder so that the landing space is clear for me. While Miss Prissy preened the Tall One, I climbed down to the other shoulder. I did some preening, too, because the Tall One definitely needs it. Then, Miss Prissy settled in on the Tall One's arm and I climbed on the other shoulder, and we both fell asleep. I love to have a little snooze!

1 comment:

T-man said...

That sounds very relaxing. Poor CC-man had to stay home alone most of the day because Mom and I were out. He got some Q-time with us this evening though.