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Sunday, March 11, 2007

Looking for a Good Book

I was bored, so I decided to look for a good book in the Tall One's bookshelf. The next question, of course, is: Should I read it, or should I shred it?


Bibbie the Bird said...

Hello there! It is good to know there are other birds as smart and intelligent as I int he world. Thereis one thing I would like to ask you though - I vored in your survey and had to tell a fib. I said I was a cockatiel but I am not - I am a cockatoo. I wish you had another category there so I could have told the truth - "other parrot species" or even "other birds" would do. And then there is my dog Angela, and the cat I used to live with - perhaps you should allow them to vote too?

I live in a suburb of Melbourne Australia and consider I have a reasonably good life now. I am getting my human quite well trained, and getting used to the strange food I am now given. Some of it is delicious. A couple of humans ago I was just given bread. I never see it now! Perhaps you would like to visit my blog too. Try this http://bibbiebird.blogspot.com/index.html to get to it. Hope to see you there!


CC-man said...

Ooh, you should shred the books!! Isn't that what they're for?? Your Tall One can buy some more when you're finished :)


T-man said...

I wouldn't listen to that CC-man. Mom is mad at him because he made several big chomps in her new TV stand. She had to put tape over the destroyed wood sections, and will have to sand and stain the wood. CC-man is in the "bird" house!


J. L. LeMone said...

Hi Bibbie!

It is nice to hear from someone who lives in the land of my ancestors. What is it like in Australia? Do cockatiels fly around where you live?

Yes, it is good to know that there are other critical thinkers out there! I appreciate your feedback on the poll! When I first created it, I did not think that other birds and even cats and dogs would be interested, so I just had the "cockatiel" category! I'm going to see if I can still change the poll without messing up the results; in the meantime, you have my permission to fib!

I'm glad you have a good human to take care of you. Finding good ones is hard. I like my new one much better than the ones I used to have, even though she's not always easy to train.

Humans have cool food, so I think you should try it. Bread is definitely good, but if that's all you had for a long time, it's a good idea to stay away from it and to enjoy the other stuff.

Keep stopping by!

J. L. LeMone

J. L. LeMone said...

Hi CC-Man and T-Man!

I have to say that I agree with CC-Man on the chewing issue. One of the reasons we live with humans is that their houses or apartments are full of toys. Since we are the boss, all the things are ours to chew on or shred. I thought dogs liked to chew on things, too!

Come on, T-Man, you can tell me: don't you ever secretly chew on stuff? It's a lot of fun! Your mom just needs to get used to it! Just think about how much more fun you'll have if both of you work on chewing up the same thing together. The reaction of your human will be priceless, especially if she takes a picture of the scene....

J. L. LeMone