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Thursday, November 22, 2007

The Laptop Is Working!!!

The Tall One finally figured out how to fix the laptop! It was working okay, but we could not get on the internet on it, and the old computer was very slow. Today, she finally found out how to restore the computer to its original settings, and then she realized that the repair people had disabled the wireless network connection, and that's why it was not working. She is so smart! She even found out how to enable it again, and now it's working wonderfully! Thank you for being so patient. I'll be able to blog much more often again.

Right now I have to go, though. The Cool One is coming over, and he is going to hold me upside down!


playing with soap said...

Hi There. I just lost my cockatiel, Tita, on 11/19/07. Though I know it is a long shot, I have been trying to search for her. It was an unfortunate accident. My husband was unloading the car and her cage was accidently dropped and broke apart.

I am doing everything that I can possibly do to see if I can find her. I had my dogs chipped, but it never occurred to me that I would lose one of my birds. I've been told to stop searching, but if it were a dog or cat would someone just stop searching. Just because a cockatiel is smaller and harder to find does not mean it should be considered something less than a dog or cat.

If you can, please click on my blog, there is a post of my Tita. If possible, please give me as much info that you would know of on how to recover a cockatiel.

As of today, I have done: list Tita on several websites that list missing birds and when possible I included her pic (but please list me as many sites that you know of, because I am still getting acquianted with all of them), placed an ad in craigslist, placed newspaper ads under lost pets that included her pic, posted flyers around my neighborhood with her pic which includes businesses and on street polls (I will be posting more tomorrow), have emailed anyone that I can think of and have asked them to forward my email to others that are either living in Hudson County, NJ, rescue organizations, pet lovers, or anyone they think can help me, have posted signs in my building (though I am allowed a small sign and it is restricted to a limited area), have done word of mouth, gave out flyers, left a second cage out in our mini park, though I was only allowed one day to do that in my building, walked around with her mate hoping he would chirp, he did not, so I recorded his chirping at home and been carrying it around the neighborhood, called the only shelter that I know of in Hudson County, and at this point I can't think of anything else.

Please realize that I am so stressed out and emotionally drained, so at times I am not thinking straight. Today I realized that I had not yet posted flyers in pet stores, which I will need to do immediately, need to contact Animal Control on Monday (did not even think of that either), print more flyers, visit the businesses that posted her pic and give them color flyers, and I can't think of anything else.

Again, please visit my blog and if possible, let me know any suggestions you may have. Do I know this is a long shot? Absolutely, but she gave me 7 yrs of her life and she deserves at least this much from me.

Also, as a note: Initially after the incident, I blamed myself for not clipping her feathers. I normally do them in the summer because it allows them to go out and walk on the grass in upstate NY, but also because I know that our windows are always open and there is always someone coming in and out. During the winter months, I do not clip them because it allows them to fly around the house. I have mix feelings of clipping and probably that is why I do not do them throughout the year.

Okay, thank you so much and if possible, please send emails to anyone you can think of that is in Hudson County, rescue organizations, pet lovers, and anyone that can possibly help me.


T-man said...

My mom thinks laptops and wireless networks are evil! She still can't figure out how to connect her router to the laptop. Congrats on conquering evil!! We're glad to have you back blogging.

Poor Tita!! I posted a note on my blog asking our friends to keep an eye out for her.

Neddie said...

Can't wait to read your entries, Carrera!

audiokabel said...

Ive had a similar problem with my laptop and all it took was some new KVM cables... My house (which is actually a hotel) couldn't facilitate the wireless bridge!

Can't beat good old wires

old vet said...

I have the same problem with my lap
It`s dell inspiron 1545