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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Any News about Tita?

Steph, have you found your missing tiel, Tita? I'm really worried, because you haven't posted. Maybe somebody found her and doesn't know who she belongs to? The Tall One said she checked the newspaper for weeks after she found J.L. LeMone; did you put an ad in the paper?
Everybody, please keep looking for Tita!

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playing with soap said...

Oh, yes. The following day, Tita landed on a woman that was waiting for the bus.

I had placed several ads, but people usually do not check the classified ads so I placed a regular ad and also placed an ad in a local popular latino newspaper because there is a large latino population in my area. Well, comes out that the woman Tita landed on did not speak a word of English and only spoke Spanish. I also had flyers all around the area, but the ad made a difference.

I am also glad that my birds know how to socialize with us humans because if she did not, she probably would not have landed on that woman.

Sorry for not responding, I stopped blogging and this morning I decided to see how the blog world was doing. Be well and thank you for your concern.