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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Leisure Time

I really like the tiel who shares my cage. His name is Carrera, and he is always nice. Except when I try to pull on his tail feathers, then he hisses at me, so I don't try to get to his feathers anymore. He doesn't preen me, though, so that's one thing I still have to teach him.

The Tall One is not home much these days; she always goes to the place she calls work. It's nice to have Carrera around. He is good company. We just hang out in the cage, eat, and play with our toys. It's fun!

1 comment:

CC-man said...

Hi Miss Prissy, I'm glad you have a companion. You must be really good friends by now :)

I get lonely during the day, but Mom has promised to come home for lunch tomorrow. She does that sometimes, and it makes me so happy