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Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Tall One

My Tall One has been back for over a week, and I am so happy! I love to walk around on her and preen her hair. She is home most of the day now, and I enjoy spending time with her. I don't like it when she leaves the room, though; I scream for her, and if the cage door is open, I go looking for her. Sometimes she goes into her small room with the shiny piece of glass where she can see herself. When she does, I tried to land on the little cabinet shelf in front of it. The problem is that she has little containers and other strange things on it, and they are in the way, so I knock them down with my wings. She does not get upset, though, she just picks me up and talks to me. She also knows how to scratch the back of my neck. Carrera doesn't know that yet, so I have to teach him!


Two Pis and a Poi said...

Those humans definitely have a lot of strange stuff in the bathroom, don't they? I mean, really... what do they DO in there?

CC-man said...

I like to sit on Mom's jewelry box and look at myself in the mirror. It's the only place in her bedroom where I feel safe.

Carrera will enjoy those neck rubs once he tries it once. I love them!

Anonymous said...

It's been a while since any of you have posted... I hope everything's okay.

caiquecrazy said...


Was wondering if you would like to swap links with a fellow parrot blogger.